Posted by Nurkurzda23 (08/03/20 09:53 AM)
Cool pic
Posted by HappyCapArcher (11/10/19 07:09 PM)
Bravo bravo I love it! I want some more of it
Posted by zucker (05/03/18 03:47 PM)
What did you use for the cake? yes,,, i'm a noob,,, _-_ please heellllp
Posted by sdupree01 (03/30/18 02:50 PM)
Nice cake, healthy looking shrooms. 

Posted by svamp (10/25/17 11:13 AM)
looks like envy's - massive and fat, nice dude
Posted by WizardOfTheSouth (09/28/15 02:17 PM)
That's either Cambodian's or some Penis Envy. I myself m growing penis envy atm moment. Just waiting for full colonization.
Posted by ShroomBound (12/09/14 04:39 PM)
Very nice cake,  you must have like 10 mushrooms on their!! and fat too!
Posted by Fractal420 (11/08/13 06:54 AM)
must be PE! Nice work, those gorgeous mutants

@r3p usually a first flush (or any) is anywhere from 2.5 -7g dry, but this can really vary
Posted by PsilySilly (08/04/13 11:51 AM)
thug life
Posted by Jrizzle71 (11/26/12 08:08 AM)
That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...
Posted by NHshroomerLR (12/17/11 09:47 PM)
looks good
Posted by Brainfucked (05/24/11 11:51 AM)
llook delicious
Posted by Penvy (12/25/09 11:26 AM)
Nice flush! Looks like penis envy haha
Posted by r3p3ntiv3 (07/12/09 09:44 PM)
what was the total weight of your first flush? what strain are these? looks nice!