Posted by anmcycle (09/04/11 08:07 PM)
do not eat those they are poisonous
Posted by SemilanceataScot (07/11/09 11:17 AM)
I'm fae Scotland too, its the liberty caps your real wanna look out for if you want a trip, they are the safest and easyest to identify. These look very familiar you may find some liberty caps near by.
Posted by gratefulhunter (07/10/09 07:04 PM)

they look like pan. me. very identical too panaeolus cinctulus(active)

if spore print is dark-purple brown then its pan. foenisecii

if it is jet black  wich i doubt ,its pan. cinctulus

Posted by OntarioNoob (07/09/09 08:51 PM)
looks like haymaker mushrooms. mildly psychadelic and poisonous. according to my shroomguide
Posted by Globularfunk (07/09/09 12:23 PM)
I have seen these exact type of mushroom in my backyard by a tree stump and all over the grassy area around the stump. Chicago area.
Posted by ShroomerRoss (07/09/09 10:02 AM)
im not sure. but a trusted identifyer would be able to tell you, if you post a id request in the mushroom hunting and identification board.