Posted by smokescreen27 (01/03/10 07:12 AM)

mdma doesn't put holes in your brain.  That's a myth busted on national television during the straight dope series hosted by a respectable, national news anchor.  The researchers injected the rats with huge amounts of methamphetamine, not mdma.  The "holes" were black sploches on the rats brain in some (a ct scan I think) type of scan.  There are not or ever were acutal  holes.

Posted by realizeditall (07/07/09 05:49 PM)
sounds like you had mda pills i've done that before and it feels like e but you get crazy visuals
Posted by BT4U (06/19/09 02:18 PM)
"side effects: I had major jaw clenching, i had 3 huge blisters on my tongue, i  chipped 2 teeth, and chewed both my lips to shreds, even with gum and lolipops to try and help!"

Don't forget the holes E puts in your brain! Extacy is a horrible drug, the side affects and long term affects out way the high. Yes I have done E before, no I will not to it again.
Some people value their brain, others do not.