Posted by PaulStamets (06/26/09 03:35 AM)

very nice account of your trip man, and also a nice little review on the GT strain...i've had experiences similar to this, but never broke anything during the process. remember there is no such thing as a "horror-trip" or "bad trip". These things are necessarry from time to time to show us the importance of what we are, which is love, not matter.

The essence of a human being is spirit/consciousness, not the body we occupy temporarily, so it comes as no surprise then, that we see things outside of our own heads/bodies when we trip. Shocking at first, yah, but just tell yourself before you trip that if i start to go "there" it isn't going to last forever and maybe go for a walk even though you may have to force yourself to do it, it can be good just to change environments. good luck to you man and peace.
Posted by Eudaimon (06/14/09 02:11 AM)
Thanks for the comment. I have no idea what kind of strain it would have been that produces such intense effects with only 2 dried grams (although it sounds like they may have gone mouldy, which could have contributed to the negativity). To me, though, it sounds kind of neat, since I don't personally believe in a devil yet these ideas of negative and positive 'Gods' could be fascinating in a trip. I don't mean to diminish your experience, though. The bad trip clearly had an impact and I hope you will get over the after effects of your trip and can concentrate on your life, not death. When trips give you a preview of the afterlife, so to say, it depends on how good your trip is how positive that preview is (my first trip was a very pleasant one I did my with my then-girlfriend and when we embraced and I closed my eyes I saw us as a single stringy organism vibrating in open space, feeling only pure bliss and having only to be). It doesn't tell us what it will actually be, if anything. All we can know for sure is that millions have gone before us.
Posted by moeandtripislove (06/11/09 08:40 PM)
I am not a very experience tripper/mind expanding person, although i have had a extremely bad trip where i died, and went to hell and the devil himself said my mother was one of his favorite numbers, and i also spoke to god/ or whatever greater force that overlooks the energy recycling cycle of the universe , this was only 2 grams of these insane mushrooms i have no clue what they are all i know is that they were dry as fuck and extremely dense and blue as fuck and tiny bit white . but thats nothing compared this your fucking crazy adventure.... but my trip really scared me and ive been depressed for while  for example i always notice symbols used in literary  and take them so serious and i do know its all in my mind and im still working on the fear of death which seems to be working out, im starting to appreciate life more, and starting not to fear the 1 guarantee in life. But your trip sounds unbelieveable, very unreal and you seem very mentally strong