Posted by Nurkurzda23 (10/20/20 05:01 PM)
Little elfes
Posted by KingMarc13 (02/24/16 03:31 PM)
Beautiful Umbrellas you got there.
Posted by ShroomBound (12/09/14 04:45 PM)
Gorgeous! Keep growing! Keep learning!
Posted by Pneumonoultra (12/05/14 11:14 PM)
Good on ya.
Posted by thebeardguy (12/02/11 04:29 PM)
First grow? Looks stunning man
Posted by dustyn77 (02/10/10 10:48 PM)

Beautiful just beautiful.
Posted by lacma50 (05/24/09 11:05 PM)
Posted by ShroomerRoss (05/24/09 03:42 PM)
nice one :thumbup: they will sure do the job
Posted by capt cap (05/24/09 02:23 PM)

What kinda substrate you use? did you case?
Posted by amylase (05/23/09 03:26 AM)
Very nice, soon I'll join you with my first grow :-).