Posted by rustygrape (08/27/11 09:00 PM)
on the last note about sexuality on shrooms - the two times i tripped my sexuality was intensified and sexual feelings were brought out towards the same sex, and as these were very intense trips (literally i fell off the edge and was not "awake" during them) i'd imagine very sexual scenarios. the 2nd trip, whilst having sex i was more like being fucked and having an insanely orgasmic time, but blabbing on about random shit going on in my head due to what seemed like a lack of  identity and orientation to time and place.
Posted by DerekFurreal (06/13/09 12:16 PM)
LOL I thought I knew a ton about shrooms too and considered myself "experienced" until my last trip which turned out bad. I never thought it could happen, we had the perfect setting, but one thing led to the next and me and my buddy ending up having a horrible trip. Thats why its best to trip when you have absolutely NOTHING to do for the whole day.
Posted by shallowbastard (05/21/09 01:22 PM)
yes we did, i was a little traumatized but we made it.
Posted by shroomgatherer (05/21/09 10:15 AM)
Did ya make it to work?