Posted by JesusIsTruth (02/26/13 06:27 PM)
This happened to me the first time where my buddy and I took an eighth. We sat in my buddies kitchen, locked eyes, and it felt like our minds became one. We were communicating with our minds. I knew exactly where he was even when I couldn't see him. Also, I would think things to people and they would immediately do as I thought. It was quite odd. Since then I've done the mind reading thing with about 4 other people. its nuts.
Posted by YisiriYitu (09/29/11 05:12 PM)
Yeah dude my first 1/8th trip that happened.
Not only with the person I was tripping with,
but with other people.
After I came back to sanity, reality, or just came down, I understood that mind reading or telepathy phenomenon is always present in body language, facial language, and straight up brain  waves among humans. It can be especially noticed with animals too. For example the other night while I was half asleep my cat was literally talking to me in my ear about something, cant remember what it was, but I remember that we were having a conversation.
Posted by Withinity (04/12/10 03:48 AM)
Have experienced similar things with close friends on LSD.
Posted by LuSiD9 (11/10/09 03:43 PM)
I can't say why it happens... but yes it happens to me a lot on psychedelics
Posted by ElevatedMinds (08/29/09 07:26 PM)
My girlfriend and I have experienced this every time. Its real, you guys are not crazy. It has to be someone you are really close with... This happens to me with my girlfriend every time, and has happened with 2 other people we were really close with. Don't just think about this as a trip, because this is a REAL phenomona
Posted by spade360 (05/05/09 01:51 PM)
Everytime i do shrooms I feel like i need to break out of my body
Maybe you and your buddy are really good friends, and you know how you have the "out of body experience"
dont wanna sound gay but thats they only thing that comes to mind for me, well maybe your souls were able to connect 
And i beleive that thought are contagious what your thinking can be caused from someone elses thinking or you can be the cause someone elses thinking
Posted by psichonaut (05/04/09 10:38 AM)
sometimes in the cosmic stream of sub & conciousness
there exists a place inside your mind that is not your brain
inside that everywhere, is a realm of all things possible (& filters for those that are not)
non spoken understandings & universal mind sharing are scratches
the deeper you dig that, the further your consciousness expands
tread carefully, thoughtfully, openly & honestly & all these questions become already answered
use the tools but retain the knowledge


Posted by deathbydefault (05/04/09 08:24 AM)
Some people believe that psychedelics increase the potential for non-verbal communication. This effect has not been thoroughly studied as far as I'm aware though so its really just speculation at this point