Posted by UniversalMind (07/11/10 08:48 AM)
 I've eaten a half an oz of A grade fly arganic... It was the most intense trip I've ever had. I could literally see and feel the cosmic dual forces pulling at my soul. It forced me into a meditative state where I had to choose torchure of the negetive thought/mind, or accept love as my mantra, and only sane answer to the question buried inside me. The come up was both ecstatic, and insanely terrifying. I had never had such a psychotic episode. The come down was total ecstasy, blissful, peaceful, and hilarious! The entire next day was one of my greatest days ever, I had at my finger tips a portal to higer intelligence, and everthing was funny. I was in heaven for  a day.
Posted by thetruthfairy (11/06/09 04:25 PM)

It could have been really old mushroom and therefore lost potency?  Or potency of these mushrooms varies greatly and that could be it.  Maybe you'd be better off finding your own.  Also the amanita muscaria iff dried properly doesn't taste bad but is a bit like some herbal seasoning.