Posted by Matheson (11/08/09 07:03 PM)
sounds fucked.
good thing there was no hurricane that shit is dangerous
Posted by SoundAwake (07/15/09 12:45 PM)
It seems like it wasn't so much the acid or tripping as a bonding experience with your brother is really at fault here.  What you went through was really nothing more than a most unfortunate and unforseeable change of set and setting.  Someone who was all freaked out from their own experience needed to share the horror and strangeness of it with SOMEONE and sadly you guys happened to be not only the closest, but balls deep in your first acid trip.  My experiences have always been extremely positive, leaving me awe-struck by the beauty of the world and an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.  I'm really sorry to hear you had such a negative experience.  Hopefully others can read this and understand why it's not the type of inhebriation that should be taken lightly or in strange situations.  Hopefully you pulled something positive out of the experience in one way or another.
Posted by goatsonaboat89 (07/06/09 02:13 PM)
its cause you did it all for the wrong reason, you dont trip acid to get fucked up, or else you wil get "fucked up" and not in a good way. You need to do it for a learning experience, but i agree that dude and bad weather probably would have fucked me up in the head to, i live in kansas and we have tornados rippin houses up all the time. o and your crazy thats alot of cid for your first time.
Posted by mockingbird (04/01/09 12:28 AM)
holy shit, sorry man
Posted by oh_you_know (03/28/09 09:22 AM)
holy shit thats crazy. so did your bros friend actually smash in that guys face?
Posted by TurricaN (03/28/09 07:25 AM)
I always switch off and unplug phones during a trip just to make sure that this kind of thing cannot happen.
Posted by libertaire (03/27/09 09:42 PM)
Thanks for sharing this.  I would recommend trying it again at a much smaller dose, if only to overcome the bad experience you had the first time.  You can't say something's not for you if you completely overload yourself with it the first time and had a bunch of flashbacks afterwards.  You need to overcome your bad trip by confronting the situation again with confidence and just going with the flow this time and not freaking out.
Posted by meehi (03/27/09 01:20 AM)
I had a similar experience, well not really similar just bad. You can read about that here

The question is are you willing to do shrooms again or are you worried that might take you back to the bad trip?
Posted by Me_Roy (03/27/09 12:44 AM)
So, like, did that sketchy guy actually bludgeon someone with a rock? 
Posted by Oldskool420 (03/26/09 10:51 PM)

That is probably the worst philosophy with drugs ever conjured by man. Ofcourse you flipped out, you probably shouldnt have even taken a whole tab. Dont dive into drugs like that dude, youll end up dead in a street someday. another thing, taking a ton of LSD and having nobody around to supervise, ESPECIALLY on a first time trip, is a REAALLLLLYY bad idea.