Posted by Prophet Mykola (08/11/09 06:43 PM)
I am very happy to see someone who really understands what this experience is about. Most of the reports here sound very immature. I am glad to see someone who is getting into self discovery, and who can see this experience deeper than just staring at the cartoonish visuals. You are moving into the spiritual sphere of this. I was very surprised to find that you are only 17, you are very mature psychologically. The next time you trip try to notice how the mushrooms are talking to you, the conversation with the mushrooms (some say it is a conversation with God himself, who knows) can open more secrets about the universe, and about yourself, and what is your place in this world. Just respect the mushrooms and they will teach you many important things. Bless you.

OK, as a scientist I must add that the conversation is really happening between your consciousness  and your subconsciousness, but that is still the way to self discovery. People usually accept this conversation better when interpreting it as talking to the mushrooms, to the spirit of the forest, or to God himself.

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Posted by GardenGnome (03/24/09 09:39 PM)
I can definitely relate to the family connections.  During multiple experiences with shrooms, I have had the urge to spend more time with my family. While tripping  have called my parents on several occasions just to tell them I love them and how much they mean to me.  Kudos on the spiritual awakening.  :)
Posted by FlickeryVision (03/24/09 07:33 AM)
People do get shrooms misunderstood, and they underprepare for the trip, or they don't realise the incredible spiritual benefit they can cause them, and concentrate solely on the happy feelings and visuals.
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