Posted by Nightwolf1074 (02/19/09 03:21 PM)
Sounds like you had an amazing trip. My first trip which was about 2 weeks ago, I wen't through something like this. I thought I was dying
And wanted to go to the Hospital. I panicked so bad, I was seeing colors and morphing objects, time froze and music kept repeating itself.
I wanted it to end sooo badly. But I just got out of my death chamber (Bed) and just said why? Why am I freaking out? This is a trip. Its
supposed to be fun. So I felt like I just awoke from a near-death experience. And I felt stronger. So good for you man. I wan'ted to never
do shrooms again, but I now I want to try it again. If I get another experience like the last, then thats it for shrooms lol. But yeah
congratulations on a successful trip!