Posted by oxalic32 (02/11/10 08:12 AM)
I'm sorry but real LSD doesn't last that long. 2 hits? I'd say 12 hours tops but more like 10 hours. If you dropped the 2nd hit much later (hours) it would be somewhat believable. I think you got some research chemical. What did the paper taste like? Not surprising because those girls clearly didnt know what they were talking about.
Posted by mickfrooms (08/04/09 10:29 PM)

A remarkable story with a happy ending
Posted by Sebastien (02/04/09 07:30 PM)
LSD is on my list of things-to-do and this report gives me the need to bump LSD up to a thing-to-be-done-asap.
Although the trip sounds kind of frightening, it sounds quite beautiful, i especially liked the part about the rising sun. Do all LSD trips last this long? Great report all in all, I wait for your next entry(ies)!