Posted by Sebastien (02/05/09 07:37 PM)
Amazing story. Quality writing. All in all, truely an amazing summary of an interesting trip.
I can relate by what you meant about the indescribable beauty of things as I have felt those same feelings.
I relate the wonderful sides of psychedelics as well as the scary side, in which I have felt the horrors of what only be described as being mentally mugged by mushrooms.
Cold sweat and unnerving twitches is something I've experiences a few too many times, although, psychedelics expand my mind like nothing else can, and that makes anything scary more than worth the trip.

"Psychological Dynamite", great quote from a quite mad man.
Once while high I had come to the thought of my mind being like a mental Tetris game. Each block is a new, ingenious thought that could only be
thought of through the use of these substances. Each block fits nicely, giving me the good thoughts, but when the blocks start to drop faster, it gets harder
to fit them together and when the blocks mess up, that represents my mind.

Ive gone on long enough.
Thanks for the great read!