Posted by cunfuzelled (01/15/09 08:51 PM)
this has to be the best description of a trip i have ever heard.  it sounds exactly like the normal trip i have.  i dont know if that is just because you are very good at writing and can put forward the human experience of what we as a race experience when in an altered state of reality or if it is because you experience drugs in a similar way to me.  you see, i have been in the rave scene and around drugs with intelligent people who can communicate their thoughts for a long time.  i have always had a passion for writing and have wanted to be amazing with words, but, i seem to fail when i try to wright about what is important.    everyone tells me that i experience drugs in a whole new light and to a whole new extent than is posible with everyone else.  i know exactly the experience you went through on that night you describe.  i only wish i had the words to comunicate my experiences and to let the others know.

Posted by nw_shroomy (01/12/09 02:40 PM)
Thats stole some shrooms and left money