Posted by mellontatauda (01/18/09 04:53 PM)
lol, learn how to spell
Posted by organicbanana (01/18/09 01:21 PM)
i think if you really want to be a pilot this experience wont really stand in your way..
Posted by djmako7 (01/16/09 10:21 AM)
sounds like you didnt get acid bro a good hit of cid will keep you up for about 10 hours. If you didnt trip for at least 8 it wasnt cid. A lot of bunk cid floats around now laced with experimental drugs and no lsd.
I would take acid over shrooms any day.
Posted by AlCapwn (01/13/09 02:23 PM)
He's not going to be a pilot because he's to fucking stupid.
Posted by Irieforester (01/13/09 01:35 PM)
If you admit to doing LSD, or any psychedelic I think, they bar you from becoming a pilot because of flashbacks
Posted by Mad River (01/12/09 02:58 PM)
You can't be a pilot? Why not?
Posted by Irieforester (01/12/09 01:34 PM)