Posted by Drizzt396 (12/25/08 01:58 PM)
You just rocked what I like to call the 'quint-fecta'. For your first time tripping. I'm astounded (and a little bit like krypto, concerned). Having never done LSD I've only ever experienced the 'quad-fecta' (shrooms, ganj, alc, and tabac), three times. One time I even made 2 cups in 3 turns to win a 'ruit game right as an eighth of boomers hit me. I will always be wary, and would recommend the same to you, about mixing alcohol and shrooms. To me, whenever I mix the two I always feel like I'm right on the edge between life and death. Of course I also just about always feel the near-tears euphoria you described in your peak too. But having dropped shrooms many a time both with and without alcohol, I would recommend saving shrooms for those perfect days (whatever weather you love), finding your favorite forest, and dropping them out there with no other mind-altering substance (besides maybe something  to smoke, pick your poison or roll a splif even!).

Considering that alcohol in all likelihood contributed to the only death ever attributed to mushrooms in the medical record I'd stay away from mixing the two heavily.
Posted by krypto2000 (12/25/08 01:21 PM)
I agree, I'm not one of those people who thinks psychedelics can't be used for fun, and I have no problem if you wanna use them for that purpose. I was mainly ragging on the guy because he was just so irresponsible in his use of them. He didn't seem to know much about them and he just came across as extremely careless, combining them with various other drugs. I don't have a problem using psychedelics just to 'get fucked up' either, but you should not do that for your first time. Until you get the hang of it you should use great caution.
Posted by retox (12/23/08 05:23 PM)
I think thats a little harsh.  Just because he does not use in in some of 'spiritual conquest' setting and just wants to have some fun, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that, it's just about moderation at the end of the day, don't think there's anything wrong with using them to 'get fucked up' with your mates once in a while, because they can be incredibely fun when taken like this, just don't over do it or do it too often!
Posted by krypto2000 (12/23/08 09:52 AM)
I'm glad you enjoyed it, but that was pretty stupid and irresponsible to no end imo. You've never tried any psychedelic before and you try mushrooms and lsd at the same time. That's not too bad, specially since you hardly had any mushrooms it sounds like, and iirc only a single hit of blotter. What was really dumb though is having no idea what to expect, and then drinking what sounds like a shitload of jack and smoking a decent amount of ganj before you even start getting an idea of what lies ahead. You couldn't just wait another hour?!

It just comes across to me that you 'abuse' drugs rather than use them and you're just trying to 'get fucked up' which I personally disagree with with in regard to psychedelics. I don't mean to lecture you, just kinda wanted to vent. Do what you want, as long as you're happy, fuck it, but I'm just warning you. It may never happen, but one day if you keep treating psychedelics like alcohol, like some drug to 'just fuck you up' then they may show you something you might not be ready for.

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