Posted by Picoloco (01/24/09 10:28 PM)
an 1/8ths a pretty heavy dose for your first time weed and E? your a dumb, crazy little fucker
Posted by DaVinci (01/05/09 05:04 AM)
Sounds like you made some poor choices. Try not to make them again, for your own safety, and for the safety of others. Your brain is there for a reason, use it.
Posted by Oldskool420 (12/11/08 01:19 PM)
you are a fucking retard. Its people like you why shrooms are illegal. Dont drive on shrooms and X you IDIOT. You need your balls removed for the sake of the universe. You work at McDonalds? I would have NEVER guessed a fucktard like you worked at such an upper class enviroment. Also, you should be banned forever from this site.
Posted by Irieforester (12/10/08 10:37 AM)
You say you've done "a lot of difrent drugs", but never shrooms or E, so I'm guesing mostly pharms and weed. And you also say you could feel what the drugs we're doing to your insides, tearing you apart. Sure.
Posted by walzmanm (12/09/08 11:22 PM)
Wow! You work at McDonald's? What a surprise! 
Posted by bloodsheen (12/09/08 08:54 PM)
Jesus, if your going to post something that you take time to write, try and not sound like a complete retard. Its called punctuation and spell check, try it sometime.