Posted by monkeyjuice (01/22/15 10:55 AM)
Dude the shrooms fuck with you through the TV. I switched on the news once and the reporter was just sitting there looking bored. He started shuffling his papers, looked at his watch, cleared his throat as though he was going to say something, looked at the camera and then just sat there looking at me.  I'm looking at him thinking 'ok so say something then, give me some news'.  But the guy just yawned and sat there, occasionally scratched his nose but kept looking at me.  It felt like he was looking in to my soul or something, watching me watching him.  After what seemed like minutes of this I got freaked out and had to switch that fucker off.  Weird shit man.
Posted by bloodsheen (12/03/08 01:22 PM)
I think the scariest (and coolest) part of shrooms is that feeling when something crazy has happened and you cant figure out if it was real or not. O, and its called a raspberry, not a razzelberry. That is the name for that sound. Since you were tripping bawls I assume you just misheard her, haha
Posted by PreyToGod (11/29/08 06:55 PM)

That is the only way to do it man.  Good for you.