Posted by user808 (11/22/08 10:17 PM)
Insomnia is awesome =)

Some dude was trying to sell mescaline pills and we actually thought that we may get some mescaline. It turned out to be the same stamp we had received earlier.  We were cool with getting more non-speedy clean pills.
Posted by USD (11/21/08 03:36 PM)
Hey man I know exactly what you saying. I have gone to AfterLife a few times, never made my way over to Insomnia yet but will go soon and check the place out, 
Posted by PreyToGod (11/19/08 11:57 AM)
whatever, if you ate 5 good beans: then straight on you.   X is fun as hell and there have been a few times I have gotten down on nearly a whole ten pack of some good blue dolphins, but be careful.  Make sure you are always drinking that H2o.
Posted by peterluber (11/18/08 09:06 PM)
Oh also, no such thing as triple stack and the "mesculine based pills" would be 2C-B if anything.
Posted by peterluber (11/18/08 09:04 PM)
Please don't call it XTC.