Posted by blatantcan (08/21/12 12:08 PM)
I'm a newb so take this with a grain of salt. I would think if the sponge in the center did provide a point of contamination, it would possibly go undetected. Could you potentially harvest gastric upset of some sort? I'm not sure I like the idea of the stagnant water reservoir being inside the cake and obscured from vision. Just a newbs two cents though.
Posted by ShroomieCake (09/30/11 10:23 PM)
Well you may have heard of this method already, but what I had tried implementing recently was a moisture reservoir in the cakes. I achieved this by first, while putting your substrate in the jars, filling the jars about a fourth of an inch of the way up. Next put a fairly thick round marker (i.e. crayola marker) in the center of the jar on top of the thin layer of substrate at the bottom. While holding the marker in place, fill up the jar with your substrate of choice while leaving a half inch of room at the top of the jar. Before removing the marker very lightly pack your substrate down. Aside from your substrate, make a small separate mixture of straight vermiculite and water.  You should be trying to achieve a consistency that doesn't seem to be too over-saturated, but  rather a reasonably damp mix. After removing the marker, fill the center of the cake with the damp vermiculite. Fill your jar up the rest of the way with dry vermiculite and your done.
Posted by lilemoteddy (09/14/11 07:36 AM)
thats a great idea but i think casing a brf cake with verm would have the same effect if not more. also i think verm would hold more water, or polymer crystals.
Posted by ductapeNlace (03/21/09 09:17 AM)
Hey I was wondering if you tried your sponge idea yet? I think that is a great idea...I was trying to think of something that would allow more water to be absorbed also...I think I will try it on my next round.