Posted by Ratci (11/04/08 06:57 PM)
Be careful with all those drugs O_o

And... send me some acid >_> for real. I'll give you my address XD

It sounds like the best most awesomest trip EVAR! <3
Posted by cube428 (11/03/08 09:50 PM)

yeah I totally agree blood-  who in their Right mind would give that much sticky dankness away for Free?  and..... as for the 7gs I have a harder time believing that.  But it also depends more on what kind he ate imo,   with cubes I can understand a bit easier but with Copes-  no way
Posted by Trippy Keith (11/02/08 09:48 AM)
i know ppl that can pull it off. i have a buddy who can babysit me on one hit while he's on 3, w/o freaking out from a firsttimers freaking out. some ppl have control that way... but i am a little surprised he didnt freak out when the lights went on in the guy's backyard, kudos. anyone know how many hits r on a sheet?
Posted by bloodsheen (10/30/08 08:53 AM)
two pounds of free silver haze? why would somebody wanna give you like 6000$ worth of free weed?  Also, i dont know how you did 7 grams by yourself without freaking out, but if its true, kudos.