Posted by learningnonsense (01/22/12 11:25 PM)

Man, I teared up reading this report. This one report reminds me about all things good about shrooms and you sir are a most excellent narrator of such travels. It's people like you I wish were where I lived, because you'd be an awesome trip-brother.

I'll always remember your quote " are a minute part of it, and you are ALL of it"

I can't wait to go back... heh, maybe I'll see you guys there.

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Posted by thelegend0210 (08/11/11 10:14 PM)

I still remember this trip vividly. In hindsight, I'm pretty sure it was 7 grams I ingested, All powder/crumbs. I need to go back to this place soon.
Posted by DopeRawShrooms (04/16/11 06:08 PM)
Thanks for posting your enchanting report. I anticipate exploring this World of Wonder myself.
Posted by LustfulLinsanity (10/05/10 10:40 PM)
hmm sounds amazing, after reading this it has reminded me that i need to do mushrooms again. LSD is good fun and all but i have never had the truly spiritual feelings that i have had on shrooms. 
Posted by Ratci (11/04/08 07:06 PM)
That sounds really, really amazing =)
Posted by DiscGolfer420 (10/23/08 11:15 AM)
Posted by Big Red (10/23/08 08:54 AM)

Your clearly expressed experience is most welcome and appreciated particularly since your mystical /
spiritual experience matches those of so many other 'seekers' who have open minds; a basic appreciation
and respect for life (what-ever it's form); and a child-like curiosity of what awaits us around the next 'corner' (including what we awaken to after the death of our bodies).

Anyone who has read, for understanding and empathy, the spiritual experiences of the Christian Mystics
will instantly relate your visions to many of those experienced by them during meditation. (From Meister Eckhart, c. 1260; St. Bridget of Sweden, c. 1302;  St. Bernadette of Flanders%u2019s. 800 AD; St. Teresa of Avilla,
c. 1515; the discovery of the ancient Gospel of Thomas written the same time as Gospels included in the
bible; William James' Variety of Religious Experiences, early 1900's, etc.) The shared commonality of your visions and theirs is striking.

Admitably, while meditating, once the mystics broke through the immediate surroundings of their physical
world, their spiritual consciousness sought direct contact with the Almighty but they too wrote about seeing other unworldly creatures, other forms of Gods expression, such as Angels and Fairies%u2019 and even elves.
They wrote about the clarity of their consciousness in contrast with the expansive view of the cosmos and
they too wrote about the concept of no-time, time no longer being relevant to their existence (i.e. eternity).


Since the early mystics walked a fine line of committing blasphemy, (the Church was surprisingly tolerant t
o these individuals but the mystics were always aware that mood could change arbitrarily) their writings are
a diminished reflection of the depth and breadth of their actual experiences not deemed immediately
relevant or on topic with the Church%u2019s narrow views). But, the mystics did share many meditative
experiences that mirror those you%u2019ve captured beautifully (in your last few paragraphs).


I%u2019ve always had respect for our mushroom friends ability to transport us into the usually hidden aspects of 
our immortal selves. These trips are (can be) a wondrous joy to experience and remember and as with
you they fill me with glory, wonder and thanks for life itself.