Posted by Rbz (10/15/08 07:35 PM)
oh really? where i am from frying is the term when really high on mushrooms.
althought ive only met maybe 10people whove actually done LSD, and well i didnt really chill with them, being how they were also major crack heads.
Posted by peterluber (10/15/08 06:38 PM)
FYI, frying usually refers to LSD not mushrooms.
Posted by Rbz (10/14/08 11:56 PM)
hehe, yeah, i agree 110% Irieforester , it was kinda crazy.. but i learned my lesson, l thought my tolerance that applied to pills and other stuff, would possibly apply there,foolishly,, next time i do em ima eat a half eight and see were it goes i am going to do it with good friends.. i did enjoy my experience but the come down was almost too intense for me, it could be because i was trying to sleep while frying balls also.. i dont know.. all i know is once i get some more ima do a bit less and not sleep while still fckd..

 thx for the response
Posted by Irieforester (10/14/08 09:21 PM)
"Hey since i am in a diff dimension i am god.. i will just kill my self to see what it is like, then i will instintly wake up in the REAL Dimension fine as ever"

That's why you don't do an eighth, your first time, ALONE.
I'm not trying to troll, because I know a lot of people dose alone on eighths and higher their first times, I'm simply trying to get across the fact that maybe this wasn't the best idea for this particular person.