Posted by Fadem (02/27/14 01:50 AM)
Weed is a beautiful drug and the only reason this happened is because of how your friends acted. Obviously their statements caused you to have a complete mental breakdown as well as an obviously traumatizing panic attack. I wish you would have done it under different circumstances or not around these friends, who knows otherwise you may have fallen in love with the drug. Also it probably doesn't help that you smoked four bowls. Probably should have taken it a little slower with it being your first time. If you do ever try weed again, don't think about this experience, and if you do understand that it was not the weed but it was the thoughts and reactions of your friends comments mixed with the psychoactive effects of the drug.
Posted by purelycontradictin (09/16/12 01:11 PM)
what a bunch of fuckers. I had people mess with me when i smoked, but it was always just tripping me out like "dude, what you doing??"   and i'd just be sitting and looking at stuff.
Shittiest bunch of smoke friends i've ever heard.  I say try some bud again, but smoke half a gram and do something you'd like with some COOL people. Man, if i knew where they lived today, i'd kick the shit out of the face spitter, spank the ass-man until he can't even sit in a cop car for the next week, and find the stashes of all the others  fucking with you and put a bunch of salvia in it.

that would seem pretty even to me :)
Posted by RasJeph (02/08/11 07:38 AM)
Man thats so shitty. Come get high with me, we will watch TV and go swimming or something fun. Fuck your friends, this story made me wanna beat the shit out of them. Some people are so crappy. I've had to "babysit" my friends who got too high or too drunk or tripped too hard a whole bunch of times in my life. I can't imagine being cruel enough to do those things to someone. I hope they get to experience the same fear and trauma you had to some day. Ugh.
Posted by Mr_Insidious (12/04/08 01:48 AM)
Bunch of cunts.

Mate, you had a bad first experience because of them, not because of the weed. I'm 18, and only recently done weed 3 times. Just stay calm, remember you're under the influence, enjoy it, and if you do it with people, always do it with good, trustworthy mates.
Posted by tripp23 (09/08/08 04:29 PM)

i was young and stupid. no i dont hang with them anymore.. they ruined my first time so now i have never trusted the stuff. im too afraid to try it again because that was the worst terror in my life.. thanks ffor readin guys, this one means alot!
Posted by Cognitive_Shift (09/07/08 09:57 PM)
Dont blame the weed for your terrifying expierience blame your asshole friends.  Spit in your face?  I would have beat the fuck outa that kid if he spit in my face.
Posted by Newport101 (09/07/08 11:32 AM)

wow...your friends sound like fucking dicks.... i dont think your problem was with the weed i think the problem was with those two deuchebags. You said its been 5 years...Do you still hang with those fucks?