Posted by DoidleTheDigger (10/11/08 07:13 AM)
pretty obvious PreyToGod  hasnt had a Bad trip recently or ever
Posted by Ratci (09/09/08 10:24 PM)
That's a mean thing to say. Erik didn't mind and I didn't ruin his trip at all. In fact, he apologized later for making me eat them when looking back we both realized that if he gave me a chance to just hop on the comp real quick, I probably would have been able to calm myself down.

You don't know, you weren't there, so.... shut up.
Posted by xyphoidmax (09/05/08 11:48 PM)
Oh...That was awesome. I understand having incredible anxiety while on shrooms, it sucks so badly. However, it was refreshing to hear that your boyfriend's parents were helpful and reassuring, and I'm also glad to hear that it was able to calm you down and you were able to enjoy your trip more. Moreover, giving yourself a pep-talk in the bathroom isn't lame or anything, a lot of people have to remember that, yes, they are on shrooms, it will end soon enough, to just relax, and go with it. It's better to do something like that than just let a bad trip take over. Good luck in the future and thanks for sharing! Stay safe!
Posted by PreyToGod (09/02/08 10:08 PM)

sounds like you were a pain in the ass and a bummer for your guy.  not only were you emotional and high on shrooms you knowlingly ate and being a baby about it, but i'm sure your boyfriend (also just as high and emotional) was really getting to enough his trip with you crying over a sandwich.  way to be considerate.  you sound like immature ex-girls, blah.
Posted by agelessbeauty (08/29/08 08:38 PM)
hahaha, peter griffin? I had a peter griffin experience once, when i was on salvia for the first time.  I remember i had this circular fan in the corner of my room that i always use.  after taking a few huge hits of salvia for the first time, i remember the first thing that happened was, the fan started to morph into peter griffin, and he started to do that laugh that he always does, "eh hehehehehe." that one.

but dang. thats one crazy trip you had there! i know that fear you speak of. intense. >.<