Posted by Mad River (08/18/08 09:08 AM)
I'd say doing an eigth by yourself is a bad idea. Even if your partners are tripping too, usually the collective mind will keep you safer. Luckily nothing happened to you, but obviously you ran into situations that could have gone bad. Peace!
Posted by Cognitive_Shift (08/15/08 08:25 PM)
Yeah thats weird that you say you didnt loose contect with reality with LSD but with mushies ya did.  For me it was the other way around, I guess just goes to show that all psychedelic drugs effect everyone differently.
Posted by SkekTek (08/14/08 07:52 PM)
Very interesting. I sometimes lose track of whether something is a hallucination or reality myself. Especially
when listening to music or watching a movie. I can't tell if an effect or sound is really supposed to be there or
not. And as far as numbers or anything technical... I can't even use a tv remote. Sounds like you had an exciting
experience. The most I've had is 2 grams.. I'll have to try an eighth next time.