Posted by tripp23 (08/02/08 01:35 AM)

no if u would ever meet that kid, youll kill him hes a freakin tardd
Posted by themange (08/01/08 06:35 AM)
i bet your friend and your girl got it on after you passed out
Posted by tripp23 (07/27/08 11:58 PM)

thats exactly what i wanted. i wanted to explain the best i could to the people who have never tripped before about what they see rather than what they are screwing around with while one mushrooms.  Ive always wondered myself what it was like to trip, the exact hullcinations but could never find a good report so i finally got up the courage to trip once and report the best I could.. im glad somebody sees exactly what I am refering too! Thanks alot!!
Posted by skaterickets (07/27/08 07:15 PM)

One of the best trip reports I've read, not because of the way it's written(although it is very clear and organized), but mostly because it informs people of what what was going on in the person's head rather than what he did. A lot of trip reports lack that, and simply explain what they did and very little/nothing about the effects and the way they interpreted them. 5/5!