Posted by MojoTripper1487 (11/06/08 12:38 PM)
try paragraph spacing. Easier on the eyes
Posted by Me_Roy (07/31/08 12:37 PM)
It's too bad your dad had to be part of that.  It sounds like he cares for you quite a bit. I hope you've had a chance to talk with him about it.
Posted by MonstroniuM (07/28/08 01:32 AM)
You have to have a brain, or atleast a brain with the bolts tightened all the way before you go tweaking on it like that. Tripping, and getting sent to the hospital = you're doing something you shouldn't be.
Posted by AMDM (07/27/08 08:37 AM)
Damn you shoulda had a sitter. Im gettin in some virid and cappi in about a week. I cant wait