Posted by Jrome07 (08/08/15 11:18 PM)
Hey I know it was a long time ago...but do you still have some mushrooms because I really want some today or tonight
Posted by Sporusfolklorus (07/19/08 08:44 AM)
 oh btw, you better dry those! The fridge won't keep them long at all...
Posted by Sporusfolklorus (07/19/08 08:42 AM)
 You are aware that your face is showing in that pic with you *at that other guys house*??
Posted by legallyhomeless (07/18/08 09:09 PM)
ta daaaaa

who says no food only condiments? i see mushrooms and beer
Posted by Crabmeat (07/18/08 11:41 AM)
You must be broke.  No food only condiments, I feel ya man.  Looks like you got some mushrooms to munch on though.