Posted by CharlesK (09/14/18 10:23 AM)
Thanks for this....The only thing I would do different is to weigh the powder before you spread it. That way you know each capsule is close to .5 grams. So I guess if you are going to fill 100 "00" gel caps then you would want to start with 50 grams.
Posted by jackyyll (11/12/10 11:40 AM)
What's the proper dosage for capsules?
Posted by rspattison (04/21/10 02:58 PM)

Very cool, I just bought my Cap-m-quick size 000 today! cant wait to try it out~! thanks for the idea :-)
Posted by Ayrios (02/02/09 03:22 PM)
This would be nice if you replaced the forum code with HTML.

Anyway, this is the only way I've ever consumed mushrooms.  I've been doing it for many years (I even have the same machine), and highly recommend it to prevent some nausea and to speed up ingestion of what otherwise may take you 30 minutes to get down.
Posted by Mad River (07/17/08 11:52 PM)

You  need to edit this to actually display the pics.
Posted by torqueman (07/15/08 11:02 PM)
Fix the html?