Posted by phathead (06/11/24 10:44 PM)
Can anyone tell me if these are liberty caps 
Posted by meranaamjoker096 (03/12/24 04:05 AM)
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Posted by Bethshroom (05/17/23 07:34 PM)
I have a fully colonized mushroom brick fruiting or in the first stages of fruiting, but somebody told me to break it up, but I think it needs to stay as a break in my shotgun, fruiting chamber. What do you think?
Posted by Bethshroom (05/17/23 07:33 PM)
Question, I grew some in a magic bag and it fully colonized and I put it in a fruiting chamber with a shotgun, fruiting chamber and shotgun humidifier thingy, so do I need to break the break up or leave it whole? What%u2019s the best way for fruiting
Posted by Nero frank (12/24/22 08:18 PM)
Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelics is very important and helpful to those who are suffering from migraines, depression and anxiety, it helped me get rid of my long term episode it's a lifesaver for me. I'll recommend frenk_delics on Instagram he's well known in the field and his psychedelic products are the best. He guided me through my microdosing journey.
Posted by Ms Behavin (10/30/22 06:00 PM)
Looking for a legitimate micro dose provider without getting scammed.
Posted by KASHNKITTY420 (09/03/22 10:16 PM)
Please help I%u2019ve had these penis envy%u2019s tryna grow for about 2 months!?!? Can someone anyone look at my pic and tell me what%u2019s up?i
Posted by Doyka94 (08/10/22 03:54 PM)
Can you  make cold brew Shroom Tea?
Posted by bdzsmkr365247 (06/30/22 11:56 AM)


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Posted by Bluewand (07/29/21 10:26 AM)
Hi everyone...
I%u2019m from Cardiff .. wales ...
Looking to link up some mushrooms? Has anyone got any trusted links ? struggling to get any at the moment ...
Thanks in advance 
Preferably someone local to the South Wales area ...

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Posted by CoolBreeze123 (12/02/20 08:49 PM)
I need help I don%u2019t know how to maneuver everything 
Posted by campack (03/15/20 03:18 PM)
Why can't you just eat the mycelium? I've heard that it has more heath benefits than the mushroom it self. Am I missing somthing?
Posted by Juggalug (07/31/17 05:15 PM)
Im new, I need help posting questions and I in the right place?
Posted by fieldtime (04/24/16 10:49 PM)

Panaeolus Tropicalis

We are very excited to bring you the very rare Panaeolis Tropicalis once again after an 12 year absence from it. It is believed The Panaeolus Tropicalis originated from the Hawaiian Islands and was carried over to S. Fork Florida on Pineapple ships during the 1800's and became a native to certain areas of Florida. This species was discovered again in 1999 by Mr. G who was kind enough to send us spores back then. There was great controversy over this species with Workman and Mr. G back then and the controversy over the correct identification of this species actually stemmed from a very vague description of this species in Paul Stamets book Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World. The confusion over correct identification of this species lasted over a decade until Workman got creative and read some descriptions at the Original Ola'h monograph "Le Genre Panaeolus" (in French), Workman found that P. tropicalis is described as primarily 4-spored with the occasional 2-spored basidia on the same mushroom. Thus figuring Paul Stamets specifications were indeed vague and partially wrong. If you log into the you can read more about this subject in this thread. Indeed the species Mr. G gave us back in 1999 was the real deal and we are glad the controversy is finally over and people can enjoy this pleasant species once again. In nature it is rather rare although Mr. G finds them often enough in Florida. It grows in the wild on very old dung in tall grass. Those that are fortunate enough to find or legally grow this very potent treasured species of Panaeolus are certainly blessed. 
According to all of our friends who have tried them in Amsterdam the Panaeolus Tropicalis is extremely visual... a very nice clean, vibe.....tasty...and just delivers a very powerful, colorful journey into the mind. Our friendly growers in New Mexico USA (where it's legal to grow psilocybin mushrooms for personal use) tells us, it's more geared towards the intermediate growing level or anyone who has success with growing panaeolus cyanescens or panaeolus cambodginiensis can also grow these. They are all grown pretty much the same. A sure fire receipt that works with Panaeolus Tropicalis, Panaeolus Cyanescens, and Panaeolus Cambodginiensis is Horse manure, coir, vermiculite and gypsum (50/30/15/5). 

Open your mind.. because this mushroom is the KIND !!! 

2 Photos of mushrooms from the original species of Panaeolus Tropicalis found back in 1999.
Panaeolus Tropicalis growing on dung and straw
Same mushrooms top view

The following 4 pics show the Pan Trop from a few days old to a week old.
A few days old
Another view a few days old
Beautiful large and tall flushes
A top view of the Pan Trop

Some great new pics sent in from Earhman in Amsterdam.
Earhman tried growing these on straw first, and they only contaminated.
Then at my suggestion, he tried by itself, and found there was just not enough nutrients by itself. So then he mixed wheat straw and zoo doo (pasturized) and the combination proved to be a winning ticket and produced these bueaties.
Look at all these beuaties
Absolutly Beautiful !!!
Once again.. WOW !!!

Absolutly Beautiful !!!
Great job Hugh....

We will have some photos from 2012 to post shortly. 

Pictures of other mushrooms- spores available

Spore Ordering Prices and Availability

  • Disclaimer: Psilocybe mushroom spores do not contain any active (scheduled) drug, thus they are legal. The spores we sell can produce mushroom fungi if you put them in the right growing conditions and attempt to cultivate them. That mushroom fungi can potentially develop into mushrooms if you continue to grow them in just the right conditions. In the U.S. it is illegal to cultivate psilocybe mushrooms, but it is not illegal to posess spores and research them under a microscope. Just because our spore supplier/grower lives where it is legal to grow psilocybe mushrooms it is NOT our intention that you do so as well. Pictures are provided for informational and reference purposes only. It is NOT The Hawks Eye intent that you attempt to grow illegal (psilocybe) mushrooms. We sell spores for microscopy and identification purposes only. All information on this web site related to psilocbye mushrooms is protected under freedom of speech and we do not condone you partake in any illegal activities. What you do with the spores and information is up to you, but we do not condone you do anything illegal if you decide to purchase spores. Spores are sold for legal microscopy and identification purposes only. Please check your local laws regarding spores before purchasing them and most important, adhere to those local laws. Thank You. 

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    Posted by 86ericschwartz (04/17/15 07:00 PM)
    Hi I'm new the this site, I need help w/ my South American cubs, I had ordered from best spores n got my order in 3 days I was very impressed, but the spore syringe was clear but I gave it a shot. Its been 5 days and nothing??
    Posted by jared_413 (04/01/15 04:19 PM)
    Hello im new here and ive compleated most of the steps on my own .i just dont know when i should pull them out of the cococore please help
    Posted by bigdog2022 (03/23/15 12:45 AM)
    Hey I was wondering can anyone help me out I just drank a whole bottle of delsym non alcohol and I have liver failure will I be Ok????? 

    Posted by Koa808 (01/06/15 11:29 AM)
    Can anyone help me  identify these 
    Posted by mighty mouse (12/14/14 03:40 PM)
    I was just wondering what you guys think I should do. I have 2 pounds of sterilized rye berries and one pound of sterilized corn substrate. . Can I fruit these without another substrate.
    Posted by ilv2grwsrms69 (05/05/14 10:05 PM)
    Posted by ilv2grwsrms69 (05/05/14 10:04 PM)
    2220 Cougar Dr
    Laughlin NV ,89029
    apt 1024
    Posted by ilv2grwsrms69 (05/05/14 10:02 PM)
    Hello i am new at this and i just lost all my things that are most important to me meaning my garden both madicinal and others mainly my mushrooms.
    Please i beg of all of you if just one of you could help me with just replaceing one print of burma golden thi or B so i can get back going again i will be very happy. I am tyring to store away for a rainy day and i lost all my stored up spores about 9 10" around or veriouse kind prints and all i had growing by a freek fire in my shed and now i have no babies left.
    2220 Cougar Dr
    Laughlin Nevada ,89029
    apt 1024
    Please help Thank you
    Posted by jayzee (12/04/13 02:15 PM)
    If any one can help me identify these mushrooms
    Posted by Garzilla (02/08/13 11:29 PM)

    Posted by Riz (07/17/12 11:16 AM)
    Posted by secrethandshake (09/07/11 10:46 PM)
    yoo x2
    Posted by P.trip (02/01/10 01:08 PM)