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How to Find Morels
by Milan Pelouch
An informative and illustrated guide—with delicious recipes—for morel enthusiasts in pursuit of one of America’s great natural treasures.
Each spring in the United States, old-timers and new converts to morel hunting appear in the woods in search of the elusive but distinctive morel, a mushroom well known and loved in Michigan and other states for its superb flavor and culinary value. So prized is the morel that favorite morel hunting spots—not unlike those of its cousin, the European truffle—are closely guarded secrets to morel devotees.
While many morel fans remain tight lipped about their favorite subject, in How to Find Morels author Milan Pelouch freely shares everything he’s learned during his years of morel hunting. The book covers all aspects of finding and eating morels: identification of true and false morels; what to wear (and not to wear) and take with you on mushroom hunts; when to search for morels; the best places to look for them; cleaning and preservation methods; and, of course, delicious recipes using morels in dozens of different dishes, from soups to entrées. Although the author’s preferred hunting area is northern Michigan, his tips can be used in any location in the United States.

The Glorious Mushroom
by Frank Spinelli
A photographic view of a large variety of mushrooms in their natural environment, most of which were found within 3 miles of the author's home in the Catskill Mountains. Text identifiies species, edibility, history, botany, aiming to increase awareness of the beauty and variety of mushrooms as well as dispel myths and fallacies.

by Michael Kuo

Mushrooms And Other Fungi of North America
by Roger Phillips
In this beautifully illustrated book, Phillips vividly presents the world of mushrooms. Unlike the photographs in other guides, which are taken in the field, the more than 1000 color photographs featured here were shot in the studio in order to capture both the external features of mushrooms as well as their internal anatomy. Each picture includes specimens representing various stages of growth, and the accompanying annotation describes the anatomy of the cap, gills, stem, and spores. In addition, the author explains where the particular species of mushroom is found, its season of growth, and whether or not it is edible. Amateur mycologists as well as professionals in the field will find this book an invaluable guide. Highly recommended as a basic library reference source.

Specialty Mushrooms, Special Recipes
by Larry Lonik
Mushroom hunting is safe, easy, healthy, delightful, and delicious, with fascinating lore, history, and humor. Lonik covers these topics and more, including commercial cultivation, home "kits," preservation techniques, and special hunting tips. Each species is identified with natural-setting photos, locations, and seasons to aid in discovery. The recipes range from the classically simple to the intricately sophisticated.Larry Lonik (also known as Tree, Spore Boy, The Mushroom Man) is the world's number 1 morel mushroom expert. He is the author of the first book on morels, The Curious Morel (0-931715-00-8). Larry has been featured on CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, in Mother Earth News, and The Wall Street Journal, and is a contributor to Martha Stewart Living.

Mushrooms (Collins Gem S.)
by Patrick Harding, Alan Outen

Mushrooms in Your Pocket: A Guide to the Mushrooms of Iowa
by Donald Huffman, Lois H. Tiffany
The guide illustrates forty-three species of Iowa mushrooms using color photos that show the fungi in the wild, from the yellow morel to the destroying angel to the pear-shaped puffball. Huffman and Tiffany give common and scientific names, descriptions of caps and stalks, descriptions of where the mushrooms can be found (on the ground in woods, in clusters on fallen logs, etc.), and the season when they are most likely to be seen, plus information on edibility from the "choice edible" yellow morel, much coveted by generations of mushroom hunters, to the poisonous false morel.

The Field Guide to Mushrooms
by Marie Heerkens, William Thomas
A modern rendition of Dr. William S. Thomas’s classic field guide honors and retains his insight and knowledge, while enhancing it with the most up-to-date information on mushrooms —including the toxicity of poisonous types. Much of Dr. Thomas’s astute observations about chanterelles, candy caps, orange mock oysters, and other varieties still stand the test of time, as do the quotes and bits of insight that he included from his fellow mycologists. But they are now organized according to the currently accepted classifications and terminology, and with beautiful new illustrations.

Mushroom Picker's Foolproof Field Guide
by Peter Jordan
Discover the delicacies that hide in your garden, local woodlands or fields with this fully-illustrated A-Z guide. Learn the identifying features and habitats of the most popular edible mushrooms, and try the suggestions for storing and cooking your bounty. Also included is a section on inedible mushrooms, clearly illustrating the poisonous species that you are most likely to come across. Quick and easy-to-use, this volume provides all the essential information you need for exhilarating and safe mushroom picking.

Field Companion to Australian Fungi
by Bruce Fuhrer
Bruce Fuhrer is noted for his knowledge of natural history and his accomplished photography. In A Field Companion to Australian Fungi he has compiled a fascinating collection of photographs with informative text to enable the layperson to develop a knowledge of these fascinating plant forms. He gives information that allows for the identification of fungi, their natural habitats, whether the fungi are edible and much more.

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