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My first time, 4.2 g's

life changing

Start: Me and my 3 friends are at college. We have been discussing with my new roomate about shrooms because he said he was experienced with them. They sounded really interesting, and i wanted to try them. On a side note, i smoke a lot of pot so i was ready i believe mentally when i took them.  We searched Hi and Lo, never finding them. Eventually a friend of a friend met a complete stranger who said he could hook us up, he was a total surfer hippie chill guy. We go to his house and each of us got an 8th, and we head back to our place.  When we arrived back at my house, we weighed each sack, 4.2 GRAMS! they were super cheap too. We are examining them, they have lots of blueing and gold flakes, they look like the danky dank gold teachers, and sure enough they were after we called him back to ask.  So we make peanut butter sandwich and just load the shrooms in them. We go to bed and wake up the next morning around ten. We dont eat breakfast and wait until 12 to consume. We all eat them at the same time, it was super crunchy and nasty, but excitement got the best of me and it tasted like candy in my mind.

so the trip begins

at 12 we eat them and decide we are going to long board around campus and some bike paths with rivers and lots of greenery. 20 minutes passes and we pause boarding and hike along the river shores just looking at the area, and we all are noticing massive changes in body feeling and blurry vision. The roomate who is experienced with mushrooms says "Wow these are really strong, we need to get home guys". and we started to board back. The trees and cars are leaving trails behind as we board by, we are all laughing out loud as we head down this one path near my house, green never looked so green before, im seeing how the wind moves the plants around at every detail. The visual trails are getting thicker and longer, more colors are vivid (keep in mind this is within the first hour of consumption). We arrive back at my house, we all rush in toss our boards down and crack up laughing saying "we made it, the safe zone" we all agree to smoke bowls and relax in one of our rooms. Its a big room with tons of art and incense, and aimzing tribal indian msuic ( gypsy kings i believe) we lay down looking out a giant sliding door. The colors are morphing EVERYWHERE. I cant tell what is there and what is not, the trees look like dr suess trees, moving to the rythm of the music we have. As the songs got more intense so did the visuals, the throbbing beat would make the world throb.  im looking at the art, the pin strips are twisted and twirling, new colors replace old ones.  As i am lying there incopasitated from the potency i start to feel sick from all the movement i believe

I head to the bathroom for a second, i get lost in the mirror and regain focus for about 5 minutes. Then im really sick, i ended up throwing up. I thought in my head "omg this is going to throw me into a bad trip, just go with it" and im sitting there looking at vomit, and im totally just viusualzing on the random colors, i turned a bad scenario into a great time. Im in the bathroom looking at the walls, the towels with designs on them. IM completely gone from reality at this moment, lost in a visual paradise. I exit the room to hang with the buds. I get back and they are all on the front lawn like laying down in the grass totally tripping their asses, laughing histerically i say we all go back in the room again and smoke. ofcourse the stoners we are we all agree. we pack more bowls, and once again this threw me in a new direction in the trip. Sounds begin to echo, i cant understand what my friends are saying, the music is vibrating through my body, i shut my eyes, and just listen to the music, i have to most crazy hallucinations with my eyes closed, almost like colors i have never seen before. I look around the room, and my friends are now chaning colors as well. I look at on of my friends as he was sitting in a chair. A white spot started on the top of his head and began to fall over him like liquid, once it reached his chest it turned gold, then his legs it turned orange, and finally when it hit the ground, the ground began to sink like a hole. And then it reversed in action. Im am completely mesmerized by the visuals.  At this point i thought so much time had passed, like 12 hours, and we all looked at the clock together for fun, and its only 3. at this point we wanted to experience another direction in the trip, so we blast the music and take our party outside to our back yard which is like 1 acre. I feel one with nature and like i have experienced something necessary for life. we talk about philosophies and just get lost in our trains of thought. At one point we all fell silent, we layed there in the back yard just going on mushy rollercoaster.

We head back inside after prolly an hour, and 2 of my other roomates who are chill come home, but throw some sober in us anyway. So we all try to kick it and wait for the come down we think we are about to have, but it almost never came after an hour. We begin to think we are going to be stuck in the trip, and we all started to just get anxious, so once again we smoked, and made everyone calm. My friend suggest that we go across the street and just swim during the come down.  I stayed behind because i wanted to smoke some more and chill with the music, but the others go across the street and swim, they said they had some crazy time going under the water. I was still feeling slightly incopasitated from the whole day.

After about 7 hours, we are coming to normality, and that just made us question normailty. still feeling some of the effects we watch tv and movies and discuss what each of us had just been through. The experienced mushroomer, who had been on over 20 trips, said these were by far the strongest mushrooms he had ever taken. And im sitting there saying to my self, i just had over 4 grams of some top notch mushrooms and it was my first time. It was an amaizing visual and mental experience which i will remember for the rest of my life. In fact, i took these mushrooms in october of 2007 and it is now may of 2008, and i still remember detail on detail, which amaizes me even more. Im writing this trip report because i have always wanted to share it with this community. THanks for your time for reading it


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