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High Mountain Compost
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First visual trip.

okay i did shrooms alot of times but not as strong for visuals, just bright colours and alot of giggling.Except this time it was real different.,

I was at my friend's getting high so i was already pretty high. Some of my other friends came to the door told me if i went with them they could score me some mush. Around 1130ish i got some(5gs). 10 minutes after i took them we hit alot of bowls,about 11:50ish they kicked in, i was surprised because they never kicked in this early before.I knew this trip was different than all the others, i could just tell. First it kind of felt like i was drunk, aha as i couldn't walk straight and i started seeing things in the corners of my eyes. I sat down for a bit and we watched a movie, a scary one. I'm not too sure what it was called but it scared the fuck out of me to the point where we had to shut the t.v off. After that happend we were just chillen, listening to music and my other friends started doing other drugs and they started tripping out. By 1230 i was tripping so hard i couldnt tell what was real and what wasnt. Things started to strech and morph into each other and melt. The t.v turned into a fucking triangle. And the fan started to melt. It was crazy and fun at the same time. One of my friend's told me to shut my eyes and tell him what i seen, i did and what i seen was undescribeable but it was all 3-d.
it was amazing. Around 1am i thought the trip was coming down but i tried lifting up my arms and hands and they felt so heavy and they looked plastic, they felt like they werent mine!! Then all of a sudden someone knocks on the door real hard, to our surprise it was the police.
Everyone started getting sketchy and me i was scared out of my mind. They just told us to turn our music down cause they were getting complaints.After that happend the trip was coming down but i still felt some affects like when it started to kick in. At 230 Everyone walked me home. It was so fun, im going to do them again tonight.Now i just wonder what lsd is like.

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