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Salvia 10X -- PLEASE READ


Well I'm an experienced tripper. I wasn't prepared for Salvia Divinorum, despite having read nummerable accounts, dosages, testimonies, and the chemistry and history behind it. Maybe it was just my body chemistry, I don't know. SOMEBODY PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT THEY THINK MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED! This was pretty intense for me...

I took a long trip to obtain the salvia from a head shop. I returned to my apartment and emptied some cigarrettes and tediously scooped and packed the salvia in with an unsharpened pencil. I had two ready to go now. I wanted to call a friend (who is a complete asshole but still a friend) to trip sit me, so to speak (even experienced trippers know this is probably best...) but he was busy and I was anxious. Oh well, I thought... *slaps forehead now in hindsight*

I put on some hardtraX and let the beat set the mood. *thump thump thump goes the bass* I poured a cup of water to have in case it tasted shitty. I felt the nice, tightly packed salvia joint... perfect! Ok! Lit the match and held to the twizzled tip. I took huge inhales and exhaled while standing. One hit. Two hits. Three... hits.... whoaaa... my head felt a little wierd... no where to go but up, I thought! So I took one final, massive drag and exhaled as my body felt entirely different.... i stumbled to my left a bit as my balance seemed to fade... I swung my arms around as I tried to maintain my balance. My arms kept swinging like a windmill... and kept swinging... and swinging... and it felt like to ropes were attached to my right wrist and the right top part of my head... pulling me to the left and the ground!!!! I fall falling, it felt like my balance was shutting down... but not at all like if I were about to faint... it was somehow different. Ugggh, the music was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted it to stop! as I tried to move through my room i felt like i was being pulled in another direction, I was FUCKED UP. I tried to figure out the controls at the computer i've sat at for 4 years... i turned off the power to the speakers after feeling like i was going to be sent soaring through the wall.

I looked at my coffee table... i wanted a cig so I could chill out, as none of this was pleasurable. I'd left the salvia joint on a paper plate (I was scared of it now, I don't know why) and it was burning through onto the glass table (free table). Shit, I thought, as i reached to grab it. My ego was lost... my body kept feeling like it was being dragged to the side and down. Not very pleasurable at all. I got scared. It felt like lots of time had passed (only 5 minutes) and I whipped out my phone to call my buddy Matt. His annoying wife answered and she was sleeping when she answered groggily. FUCK! I just wanted to talk to someone to ground me in reality. I went to the bedroom... should I lie down? SHOULD I LIE DOWN??!? I was scared if I did I mind go comatose or something. I've never had such irrational thoughts go through my head. Well, this stinging, scratchy sensation of my body moving to the side wasn't going away... and then... it started to. Thank goodness, I thought. Maybe this was just a one time thing? I waited a couple hours and then went over to Matt's.

I whipped out the second one I'd made. Matt smelled it and looked at it. He was being his normal asshole, raincloud self.  This time i knew there was enough for us both. I hate the way he smokes it, though (i know from our weed smoking days), he takes big fucking puffs and then lets it billow from his mouth without inhaling probably because he thinks he looks cool. HOW ANNOYINGLY WASTEFUL. SHIT'S EXPENSIVE. Ass. I wish I could stamp the word on his bald asshat head. Anyway, he sits there and taps the ash hard and the cherry almost falls off. I try my best to not whine about it but i'm thinking, "If you want something done right...", but I wanted to see what happened to him. He puffs, I puff, He puffs (and annoyingly tried to rub the ash off the sd joint by grazing the cherried part around the table edge (so unnecessary!)) I puff, he puffs (and now it's almost gone and about half is wasted thanks to ASSHOLE MATT) ... *breathes* as I take one last one the same feeling as before grips me. Matt sits there looking at me. I feel like I'm being pulled back, then a feeling very hard to describe but very similar to the previous feeling gets me. 

This is getting long so I'm summarizing now.

I felt pulled and uncomfortable. Matt's stupid wife came out and tried to talk about her stupid redneck dribble and Matt encouraged it (asshole that he is) and she thought I was drunk the way I was acting and slapped me on the head, thinking this was funny. What the dumb bitch doesn't know is that I almost murdered her on the spot via hadoken through her pig face. Normally I am not violent at all. Your typical peaceful stoner, I am. But I felt compelled to try to turn off the music in Matt's garage and he refused to turn it off because he's AN ASSHOLE. Even though I begged him and it was obviously distressing me, he wouldn't "because it's my radio". What a d bag, shitbreak, infected prairie dog testicle he is... anyway the effects lasted only about 20 minutes each time and they fucked my world up.

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