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Adventure out in the Universe

5.5 Gram trip into my Subconscious

To start off, I picked these cubes in the center of the big state of Texas where I attend college. I decided to go back to my hometown with my finds and give a couple of grams away to some buddies back home. So I did and I was left with 5.5 dried grams and an empty house for later that night. I felt compelled to take it all since everything was playing out so beautifully in timing. It was almost like energy had drawn me in to boil these cubes in a tea and consume it that night.

Around 8pm, my family left for out of town. I insisted I should stay and hang out with friends that I have not seen in a while. I boiled my tea previously around 7PM. At 8:15 I had let the last drop of mushroom-like goodness touch my tongue.

At around 8:45 I experienced an earth-shattering jolt of tingles, which left me pondering what I was in for. I made my way to my closet and shut the door; my closet is rather large with nothing in it since I had moved out for college. I had a small light and my MP3 player beside me. The walls seemed to breath naturally along with me almost like inviting me to witness what was about to occur shortly.

I wrote in my trip log " The walls are anticipating a surprise it almost seems."

The walls bent in towards me, closer and closer and closer until they had almost completely distorted their shape and became an array of beautiful colors and shades of lights. The patterns on the carpet became surreal even though in my right mind I knew this imagery was just the wonderful work of these potent cubes.

The distortions continued to grow as I let go of my ego for the night, I no longer remembered how I had made it to this beautiful surreal world of bright colors, nor did I care. Time seemed to stand still as the trip kept getting more intense. What once were walls were just murals of moving colors and sometimes they even produced odd sounds. At one point I heard space like music that sounded more like a reverb of mystical voices and screeching music. The music began to morph into actual voices that spoke true words.

Around after this time, the floor gave way to what seem like I was falling face down into a black hole with every bit of the universe's matter shoved in along with me and surrounding me. It was all represented by bright beautiful patterns and colors. Each piece of the universe's matter were slowly being put back together right in front of my eyes as I fell through this bottomless black hole of beautiful colors. At this point, I accepted my fate that I would never return back from this second black hole reality and I was pleased with it. Slowly those voices I previously mentioned became stronger and louder; they spoke to me personally by calling out my name. As this happened, what seemed like multicolored human like distorted entities appeared around me, almost like a council of some sort for this reality of disintegrated universal matter.

"_ _ _ _, you are chosen." They said to me.

" They sure will miss him,” The other said.

I spoke out in what sounded like a mixture of alien like words and some English, but they understood just by how I felt by reading the inside of my thoughts almost telepathically it seemed. I ensured them that I could not accept their offer because I may want to leave one day. After this, I was for sure I had died and entered into a realm between realms. My job would have been to create matter for the universe such as stars and cause people to dream as they sleep leading them down a directed path that eventually would make them find their right place in the world.

The black hole, seem to come to an abrupt end, and gravity came back underneath my feet. I was lying on my stomach lifeless for about 15 minutes before I gained control of my actual body again. The colors had dissipated and I opened my eyes from what I think may have been a venture out into my own subconscious. I had somehow went to sleep it seemed and entered some dream like reality. This shattering experience, even though enlightening, will request a lot of time from me in the next couple of months so I can reflect back on the experience and make anymore sense of it.

Even though it is near impossible scientifically to uncover your subconscious, I truly believe I happened to find an open universe called my subconscious and I took a stroll through it by somehow falling asleep. I keep feeling like I unlocked some mystery to my subconscious human. I have awakened my inner human third eye and view everything as an independent thinker. I have separated myself apart from western civilization now because of creating this beautiful inner third eye that acts independently in perceiving what we call our normal reality. Things seem different in the most prestigious ways imaginable, I can no longer see myself relying on others to shift ideas for me, which is what our western society tries to do for us through the use liberal media all the time. I have truly awakened and I hope that others gain insight from this story as well.

If there is no insight to gain from this, at least you can say..."Man, what a fucking trip." haha. 

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