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A st8 hell of my own mind

A st8 hell of my own mind

        Well, this is how it started. I got some shrooms one night off a friend and it was an eighth of dry. I ate them and it felt love i was feeling them good, two weeks later I got some more from my boy. This time i got a  quarter off him and i ate the whole thing with some pizza. I was with my girl, she was pregnant, so she couldn't do any so i ate them all by myself. We threw on a movie it was the wall and we had fear and loathing in las vegas also, so anyways it started to kick in and it was cool as hell. About an hour and a half  the guy on the movie THE WALL started to freak me out when he was shaving so i had to turn it off as i stood up i felt scared like butterflys in my stomach and i told my girl therse shrooms got me trippin hard this shit ain't fun no more they got me feeling wierd really wierd., so i was thinking it was all in my head. That shit didn't help at all it probly made it worse i'll say because i started to feel closterphobic and very panicy , so my girl kept trying to huge and i'll tell her to get away i don't feel good, stop touching me and get away mean shit. I't was like she was suffercating me. i stood up it was like 20 degrees out side and i went out l shorts and and no shirt i sat on the porch hoping the cold woud kill the effects that didn't hepl eaither so after about 45 minutes in the cold i finally came in  and when i looked at my girl her face looked like it was swurly looking and it scared the shit out  me and then she started bitching at me say it;s all in my mind, i'm stupid, their's nothing to be scared of because i kept telling her i fell scared. Now it's been about three four hours into the trip and i sat on this chair in the crib and all i remember was my girl standing over me saying something and my body felt like jello i was scared to death i felt my eyes rolling in the back of my head. My girl told me the next day that my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and that i was mumbling to her she said it souded like i was talking a different laguage. next these thoughts started going through my mind like should i tell my girl to call the ambulance, if they come they will lock my ass up in the looney bin fuck for sure that next then started do get these picures in my head of me in a straight jacket then i strarted to get really scared and hella paranoid i never felt like that in my life thoughts started to go through my mine bad i just wanted the srooms to stop , but  new they were there to stay  for another four hours the most. the shrooms had my mid and body i felt like screaming itwas some scary ass shit thats why my story is called straight hell of my own mind because it literally was a living hell next thing i know i'm drgging my self on the recliner and layed on my side and closed my eyes and shiverd didn't want to be bothered i just wanted to lay their. 6 and a ahlf hous into the trip some of my boys came by and bought some off me and they started tripping by that time i was in controll of my own body and mind again. then i started to feel really stupid for having a bad trip. Now i gett nerves or paranoid when i think about doing them that scared felling. i took them 1 time after that  it was only 2 grams and i thought that i was going to have a bad trip again i started to get that feeling again. i know not to do that shit again FUCK THAT

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