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My epileptic seizure....

maybe one of the worst days of my life

    It started off with myself, and 2 other friends, getting together at my house at 9 am, for a good nice morning of tripping on magic mushrooms. Once both of them got to my house, we went in the basement, divided the mushrooms, and ate our share, with the help of some orange juice. About 30 minutes later, I remember sitting in my basement feeling very tingly, and frankly quite relaxed and happy. From there we went to sit in my backyard for a bit, and we were enjoying all the nice trees, the sky, everything looked wonderful. I remember walking back inside the house, laying down in my family room, starring at my ceiling fan spin, for a good 20 minutes. I started to see colors, green and red, spinning around the blades, then the blades seemed to move in  very odd fashions, and i enjoyed every minute of it.

    We decided to go for a walk, the sun had come out, we really wanted to see stuff. Walking down my street, looking at my neighbor’s garden, I was so amazed. Trees looked like they were breathing in the wind. We started to walk back in the direction of the house, got home, and proceeded to sit in the backyard again. I got my bong ready, and we were settling in to start smoking a bit of pot, but we never got the chance...

    After about 15 minutes of coming home, (at least it felt like that much), it was about 11:30am, and I heard my dad come home......  I was JUST starting to feel the full effects of the trip, and my dad comes home early from work, saying he’s talking the rest of the day off, because he’s sick. The first thing that went through my mind, was GET UP, and run away from the side of the house, I can’t let my dad see me like this. He comes to see us, and I’m fucking scared shitless. He shows me this jacket he brought me from work, for next winter. I managed to get my sweat shirt off, (having much difficulty, as I was very sweaty), and I try on the jacket. I sit back down after talking it off, and I blacked out.

    From there, my mind just disappeared, all I remember was seeing white, seeing this angry figure, talking to me but I don’t know what he was saying, both of my legs were on their toes, my calfs were in searing pain, and my right arm was slightly raised of the armrest, then I felt it disintegrate, like it was made of long leaves that just blew away in the wind. I didn’t fully realize what was happening. All reason and logic had simply vanished from me, and I felt stuck in that position for a few minutes, or so it felt like. Once I regained consciousness, more or less, I heard my dad say, “Wow, I’ve never seen him do that before” Then one my friends was asking me if I was alright, but i had no energy to answer him, although I really wanted to. All that I remember saying to him was that my legs were sore. From there, I remember the same friend feeding me water, and they were walking about brining me to bed. My dad helped me up, and I somehow walked inside and up the stairs, and crashed to my bed.

    The hallucinations were so intense. I was laying on my belly, with my head on the side of the bed, looking at the floor. I remember opening my right eye, and looking at my hard wood floor. There was my rug, a chair with a fan on it was beside my bed, and there were a few old pillows in the corner. I noticed about 30 faces, like shadows on the floor, and they all looked like they were screaming, like the scream painting, starring right at me. I noticed any curve in the wood, or curve of shadow on the pillows, my brain would interpret them in the worse way possible, but it would always be a face. I was slightly stared, and upset I was in this position.

    I was really really hot. I could feel sweat roll down my face to the pillow. I moved a bit, with much difficulty, and I was drenched in sweat. I really wanted to take my jeans off. I forced myself, to raise my hand, and hit the switch for the fan. If helped at first, and it calmed me down.

    I closed my eyes, and the hallucinations were much clearer. The first thing I saw was about 30 thin tentacles, just waving and coming at me, sticking themselves into me, into my mind. I didn’t feel pain, but an intense gross feeling, not like throwing up, just a very gross bad feeling. Every breath I took, I saw an odd version of a lung filling with air. My throat was so dry, but my brain interpreted that in a different way. Every breath, I could somehow see a very detailed version of the biological tissue expanding. I could feel my heart beat, and my heart felt fine, but I could visualize the valves open and close, pumping blood. The gross feeling got more intense, I felt like I had to be strong and take it, instead of letting it take me over, and making me feel worse. I had this great feeling of fighting this intense gross feeling. I also remember seeing a collection of green pipes, with orange goo rushing out of them, it was another representation of that gross feeling. Furthermore, I remember forgetting I had hands, I had to periodically twitch my hands, and my feet, to tell where I had left them.

    It was during all that time, that I heard one of my friends talk to my dad. My dad was talking about how he had an epileptic friend in high school. My friend and my dad were wondering what could of started the seizure, and my friend had mentioned my dad’s presence. My dad thought the idea was a bit silly, and was asking my friend if I was under and particular stress lately. He said just the usual stuff. They talked a bit, but i only remember most of it in pieces. My other friend wanted to leave, i could tell he was really scared.

    After a while, my dad comes upstairs, to tell me he had just spoken to the doctor, and that i needed to go to the hospital, to get my head scanned. He asked me a few questions, like if i was under any stress, how i felt, what i was up to, being at home during lunch, with my friends. Before he proceeded to help me stand up, he asked me if i had done any drugs.

    I told him yes, I told him I ate shrooms. He was slightly relieved. We had a bit of a talk about drugs, and I was so surprised he wasn’t mad. He told me to just rest, until they wore off. I then told him i had to work at 2 pm, and it was about 12:30 at the time.

    At 2 pm, my mind was slowing down, and I was feeling a bit bad that I was supposed to be at work. I sat up, gave my calfs a small massage, put my legs to the floor, and tried to stand.  I did so with lots of pain, and walked to the mirror. I looked at my eyes, and my pupils were the size of dimes. I was thinking, people at work will definitely notice my eyes. I walked down the stairs, and told me dad I was feeling better, he was on the couch, talking a nap. I cooked myself 2 eggs, went to get changed, and told my dad I was ready to go to work, so he got up, and drove me to work. I was still tripping at work, until I went on break at 6 pm.

    When I got home from work, my buddy gave me a call, told me he wanted to come over, so we could talk. He told me that during my seizure, I had gone stiff, my eyes rolled up into my head, and I was twitting. He said the whole thing lasted about 5 seconds, but it was still enough to scare everyone. He said the first thing he worried about was if I died. We discussed what was the cause of the seizure, was it the shrooms? or was it my dad showing up while I was on them, which stressed me out to the point that i blacked out.

    But either way, I think I will stay away from shooms for a while.....

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