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tripped hard

i was at a little party with some friends and and friendly naigborhood drug dealer had just gotten a hold of alot of mushies.

i was at a little party with some friends and and friendly naigborhood drug dealer had just gotten a hold of alot of mushies. so I bought and 8th for 20 bucks and shared it with my friend at bout 10:30. i ate a cap and three stems, by themselves, they were not bad tasting at all, like dried pumpin seeds. Then one of the guys at the party said that vitamin C reacted with the psycosilbin, whatever the hell its called, so i drank 2 cups of orange juice.

i hung out at the party for about a half an hour and i started to get a really nice body high. I could sit still, and i started to feel like i had to do something. I was sitting in one of thoes big round pillow chairs and listening to a friend play guitar and i was becoming totally engulfed in my own littl world, just staring at things and listening to the music. When some one would talk to me i would be kind of startled and had some trouble making out words.

Some of my friends wanted to go, so we started to walk down the dark road to my car. As soon as i got out side, the change it atmosphere or somethen, i started trippen. I started to see small, tribal (the only way i can explain it) designes patternd across my friends face and shadows were morphing around me.

We made it to the car and started driving, i dont remember much of what happened it the car but we met some friends and parked by this cemetery and smoked a bowl. The weed made me trip start seeing the designes again, and we started watching this tree, the outer branches were curling around and dancing. I went to take a piss and all the dryed grass was outlined it colors.

We drove around some more and i got ahold of another 8th. I ate two more caps, and a stem. I wasnt tripping as hard for about an hour i think, everything just seemed kinda warped and unrealisitic. the scenery we were driving by seemd like a painting.

Then, we parked the car in this empty field and laid on the top of the car. im not sure what time it was but it seemd like I stared at the sky for hours. The starts were all red and blue and they were flying around everywhere. I started seing small rainbow colored snakey shapes swimming allover the sky, like cells you see in microscopes, reproducing and covering the whole sky.

At about 4 am, my friends and i could sleep so we walked down the railroad tracks for god knows howlong the the sun came up, still tripping alittl.

Over the whole night i would say i ate bout an 8th, but my friend who only ate one cap and some stems, didnt trip like me, so i guess it was the caps that effected me. Over all i was an incredable experiance, that i would not mind doing every now and then.

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