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Finding Answers (could be updated with how to use the advanced search engine)

For ALL Noobs

I am a "noob" myself and although I enjoy the site immensely, I had a rough time learning to navigate the site.

In spite of this, I quickly found out that other members of the site tire at having to explain the most basic of techniques (tek) over and over again. Let's face it, my first question was his first question, which is your first question and on and on and (you get the picture). At first I was a little put off by what seemed to be everyone's pissiness.

BUT, and this is the biggy, they are 100% right.

Everything, and I do not use the word "everything" lightly; EVERYTHING is findable via the site search engine.

Just keep reading. Every post that you read will teach you a new term, (like wbs = wild bird seed, brf =brown rice flour, etc.), or teach you the difference between a sub straight and a casing.

If no-one logged-on to this site ever again except you, you would still have all the information you need and then some, to enjoy your new-found hobby to its fullest!

If you add a post to a thread that is five years old, it will make the thread appear new to everyone, (this is called flaming {see the little flame next to the now resurrected post?} and you will be taken into the alley and beat about the head and upper torso. My ribs still hurt).

So remember, when you are researching information in the post format, DO NOT POST TO A FIVE YEAR OLD THREAD! (I say this to protect you.)

You can see the date that the thread was started on in the next to the last column on the right, on the MESSAGE BOARD.

I myself am hoping against all hope that I am putting this where it goes, (fingers crossed).

Be patient, read, search, read, search, and then re-read. It's all here boys and girls.


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