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Wizard of Oz

We're not in Kansas any more Toto...

    One day, me and nine other friends decided to all trip complete sack at my friend's house while his parents were away. I had been waiting to do this for awhile. It was early April. It had been about eight months since I had last ate mushrooms, and while my first experience was absolutely amazing, I could not prepare myself for what was to come on that fateful day.
    Ten of us. Some had eaten them before, others had not, yet we were all committed to the task at hand: each of us would eat some mushrooms, and trip absolute balls. Man, being young and priveleged is amazing. Across the world there are kids that spend their saturday afternoons fearing for their lives, barely surviving while they fend off starvation, drought, civil war, etc. An American kid like myself has the privelage to spend his saturday with his friends just chillin' out and trippin' complete dick.
    I arrived at my friend's house at around 10:30 in the morning. My other friend arrived shortly thereafter, with an ounce of shrooms. I purchased a full eight for this experience, as I had my first time eating them, but I could tell that these mushrooms were much better; I could see pale blue streaked across some of the stems. The first 1/8th I bought was not nearly as potent.
    As my friend weighed and divided out the mushrooms for everyone, we all gathered in the living room to digest our psychedelic treats. I had no problem shoving down the entire 1/8th, ignoring the bitterness of the shrooms that reminded me of gerbil food. I was very excited that one of my good friends, "T" was there. He had been waiting to trip for the longest time. And that he would. We would all trip sack on this day.
    While I continued to chew and suck on all the juices of the mushrooms until they turned blue in my mouth, others put there mushrooms on pizza, or washed them down with some gatorade. By 11:15 a.m., I had finished eating the mushrooms and was quite excited for a trip like no other.
    My friends and I came prepared: music, plenty of ganja, and The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon to play in the background. For those of you who do not know the secret, when one plays Dark Side of the Moon along with the Wizard of Oz, it is said that the songs go along with the movie. How right that is. Regardless of the CD went along with the movie or not, Dark Side of the Moon has got to be the trippiest album of all time.
    "Speak to Me" intensified into "Breathe", and the sepia tone clouds of Kansas seemed unreal. The mushrooms were beginning to kick in. Dorothy fell into the pig pen as "On the Run" came on, and that's when things intensified. Suddenly I felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I simply layed back in my chair and moved my hands all around, laughing uncontrollably. I was hit with the power of the trip before my friends were hit. By the time "The Great Gig in the Sky" came on, I was completely lost inside myself. I closed my eyes and brilliant colors of indigo, red, orange, and purple were all I could see when I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes momentarily to look at a strange pattern on the ceiling, and when I closed my eyes again, the pattern was illuminated. I drifted into the cosmos, soaring on a wave of pleasure, seeing nothing but vibrant colors everywhere around me. Eventually I opened my eyes as Dorothy was being howled at my the horrendous tornado, but soon she would find her self in Oz.
    "Money" came on when Dorothy entered Oz, and the colors were like nothing I had ever seen before, more vibrant than any other colors that I had ever seen. It seemed as though the movie was a cartoon; there was no way any colors could be that vibrant. As well, the colors vibrated out of the screen, shifting and moving as they pleased. I could not believe my eyes.
    I closed my eyes again, not being able to withstand the amazement taking place on the TV screen. Instead, I continued to drift away from reality into my own colorful world. I cried throughout this trip, but cried tears of happiness. The tears felt amazing and warm on my face, like rivers of red fruit punch. I awoke from my world as "Any Colour you Like" was playing intense grooves of pleasure, and noticed that my friends had left me. As "Brain Damage" came on, I closed my eyes once more and my head felt like it was being controled by some outside force, but I liked it. I swayed my head back and forth; it moved with such ease! I was amazed at how good a simple movement could feel. I sat back down as the album finished, and began to repeat again, yet I could take no more of Pink Floyd for the day. I needed to experience something else.
    I made my way to the porch, still tripping dick, and stood at the open door for quite some time, simply observing one of my friends as he moved fast, then slow, then fast, then slow...it seemed as though time had a will of its own. Also peculiar was how much my friend looked like a cat, with brilliant green eyes and two pointy ears. Anyway, I simply stood at the doorway for awhile, until I eventually made my way outside on to the damp Spring grass.
    When I got outside, I looked on the roof and noticed that all nine of my friends (except for the one who had turned into a cat) were on the roof, smoking and enjoying themselves. That looked like a good place to be, so I began to climb the ladder up to the roof. Unfortunately, my eyes were as red as roses, and my hair was quite messy. All of my friends pointed at me and called me a "demon," refusing to let me come up. I was terrified, and went over to stand by my cat-like friend. I stared at my friends on the roof, observing the bare trees that stood out behind and above them that swirled and moved about. Yet my friends continued to call me a demon, so I decided to go inside.
    Inside turned out to be a bad place. This strange, eerie music was playing by a band called "Portishead." It gave me terrible vibes. I felt sick to my stomach. I rushed into the background and puked up a litte. For the next fifteen minutes, I stared in the mirror and simply observed how crazy I looked, repeating to myself "Why don't you understand?" (I haven't the slightest idea of what I was talking about now).
    I eventually made my way out of the bathroom, and was enlightened to see that I wasn't the only one having somewhat of a bad trip. One of my friends had come in from inside. He was definetly not ready to eat a full 1/8th of shrooms on his first time. He lay in a bed for several hours that day, silent and riding out his trip in confusion and fear. As for me, I settled down with aid of my friend T, and he read me some interesting philosophy from a book from our english class, "Siddhartha," a wonderful book about eastern philosophy...unfortunately, we were both tripping too much to comprehend a word that was read.
    I entered the room where my friend was having a bad trip, and layed down, observing the ceiling that was swirling all around and looked like stars. I closed my eyes, and felt as though I was on a farm in summertime, and sun was being peeled open to my eyes, and it felt ever so warm. Eventually I made my way out of the room, and sat with three of my friends. The others remained on the roof. We talked enlessly about life and its purposes, and about how it was natural for us to divide into these groups. We also discussed just how much we were tripping absolute dick (we must have said "tripping dick" at least ten thousand times that day),  how each room felt like a seperate "world," and I kept going on about how I was just gonna sit in here and "bend with the room."
    The rest of the day was spent coming down, but still realizing that we were tripping dick. We hadn't eaten for awhile, and when we ate, the food tasted absolutely amazing in our mouths. Ice cream was something else, pure ecstacy. Cold, refreshing swirld of vanilla and chocolate that did wonders for my taste buds. When one is coming down, sometimes one will get caught up in normal, everyday activities and forget to look around and notice how one is still tripping sack. For me, music brought me back. I thought I was done, but when I sat, closed my eyes, and listened to music, I lost myself. I listend to the Grateful Dead, staring outside at the sun and grass, and felt as though stepping out of the porch on to the grass would be entering an entire new world. I also listened to some Beatles, "Across the Universe" and "Within You and Without You," two very trippy songs. When I closd meyes and listend to the songs, I felt as though I could still see everyone around me, watching spirits move around the room in a beautiful light.
    Eventually, I came down for good. All good things have to come to an end. But it was an experience like no other that I will never forget.

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