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such insanity!

first tripp bad tripp

 I woke up at about noon that day to find cole in the living room of our friends house who was at work at the time. there were four of us there chillin to some tool when he got me to roll a joint and we all smoked when all of a sudden he pulled out a huge bag of shrooms and was like hey! you guys wanna tripp balls!? lol, so we were like hell yea!  So we split the bag into 4 maybe and ate them with peanutbutter. It was cool at first so I sat there for a few mins and didnt feel anything physically but it was like i could see things inside my head that were just weird like the swirling effect on the laturalus album. cole put on alice in wonderland so i was sitting there watching it a bit when it was like the whole room shifted to one side and it was almost like all four of us felt the same thing cuz we all said whoooaa and chris was like it hurts so bad! i laughed and then crunched down into the chair thinking i was being crunched into a little box. After that i started to go off into my head and i was seeing marry-go-rounds going on in my head thinking i was going crazy i heard a voice in my head telling me i was going insane. i had no sense of time so i looked up at the clock to see what time it was but my mind couldnt wrap around it. The hands just kept going in and out so i looked over at cole and told him i thought i was going insane so i ran after jesse who ran into the back bedroom and i was knocking on the door telling her to let me in that i felt like i was going to have a bad trip and she was like me too! and didnt want to let me in but she finnally did and she seemed fine. At this point i really cant remember....it was like i blacked out and wasnt feeling right. i kept going into strange feelings and hullucinations and then i would come back to reality and yawn so big. I remember being in the back bedroom by myself and thinking about everything in my life and how my grandmother just recently died then i looked over at the doorway and it turned into what seemed like the doorway to hell and i saw demons shadows and blood.  Then i looked up seeing a light coming down from the middle of the room and i guess that was supposed to portray god. i got really freaked so i got up and pulled down the curtains to let some light in thinking that would make me quit trippin so bad and i was starring out the window and saw a reflection of the room. i thought i was ok for a min coming back to reality when the reflection turned into an evil face. so i ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and i saw myself whispering something but i could feel my jaw drop wide open because i wasnt doing the whispering. it was so hardcore. i ran out of the bathroom looking for some room to be comfortable in but i couldnt find anywhere that was comforting at all. i wanted to go to sleep but couldnt. ata this point the owner of the house came home and found me on his bed sitting there crying because i was scared of going into A trip again and he asked me what was going on and i told him i was trippin. he told me to take a shower but stupidly i didnt. i was scared. i got someone to take me home and all the worst was over. we were listening to music in the truck and the music just literally moved me and made me trip again but i wasnt hullucinating. it felt good. i was coming down. It was about an 8 hour trip. it effected me for about a week after. it changed the way i looked at things and i remembered right b4 i ate them cole told me one of the shrooms looked like and eagle head and whoever ate it was going to have a spiritual like trip and guess what i fuckin ate it. it was such a hardcore tripp. im glad nothing bad happened.

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