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NiCe DaY aFtEr WoRk!

It was a saturday afternoon, and my best friend Randi and I had just gotten off of work.

It was a saturday afternoon, and my best friend Randi and I had just gotten off of work. We both decided that I should stay at her place that night, becuase we wanted to have some fun. I had just turned 16 a few weeks earlier. We smoked about 2 grams of hash, and about a half quarter of herb before we got the urge to trip. We walked down her street to a nearby dealer's house to grab a quarter of mushrooms each. Now, we're both about a 100 lbs, so we weren't really sure if our bodies would be able to handle it, but we said fuck it and bought it.

We went back to her house, and her 2 little sisters were going to be there for a few more hours, so we gave our friend Sarah a ring. She came over, and ran down the street for a quarter as well. We just sat around anxiously waiting for Randi's sisters to leave, and smoked another half quarter of weed. We were pretty fried by time 8 o'clock rolled around, and the kids would go. But we wanted to trip so bad! So grabbed a litre of OJ to wash down our veggies, and chilled in her room. Until that night, I had never noticed how fucken awesome her room was to trip in! :)
We waited to the common time till our shrooms would kick in, and just talked and listened to music.

About an hour later, we were really starting to feel it. Sarah and Randi sat on the floor and started painting her phone with nail polish, while I sat on her bed an dlooked around. We thought everything was goin great until that quarter really fucked us up. I stared at her walls, and saw that they were dripping, and then they were dripping all muli-coloured. I couldn't really take the walls anymore, so I lit up a smoke. They both did the same. With 3 smokes goin in the same small room, I saw a lot of smoke. I then started seeing wierd looking monsterish faces and skinny arms/hands in the smoke. They were dancing and twirling all around my head.

Both the other girls were seeing mouths opening and closing in the wall, and we really couldn't take the room scene anymore. Sarah slowly stood up and said she was going to look for her shoes. I went with her to get the fuck outta that room! We walked through the kitchen, and I saw the fucked designs on the walls moving like little tiny snakes. We walked back to the bedroom, but I was trippin so bad, that instead of me realising we couldn't find Sarah's shoes, I thought we were locked inside the house. I started feeling suffocated, and I thought I couldn't breathe. I stumbled around the house to find a door, and the tiles on the floor were swirling togeather all on colour, and it stared looking like quicksand.

I thought that it WAS indeed quicksand, and screamed and ran to the nearest exit...which was a tiny window above the kitchen sink. After all that hassle...and about 15 minutes after I found that window, we were all outside. Randi and I sat on the back of my car, and Sarah sat on the trampoline. I looked across the road and saw a bunch of bare trees. While looking at them, I also saw giant mushrooms and stocks growing out of the trees. I smiled and started laughing at them. I looked around the sky, and all the while stars had become red, orange and blue shooting stars. I layed down on the car and watched them. It was simply BeAuTiFuL!!!!

A half an hour later, I lit a smoke and went to lay down on the trampoline. I saw a metal disc of some sort with 3 "arms" branching out of it. It was levitating and spinning above my head for like 5 minutes. I was only about the size of my head, and I was so amazed because I thought that miniature aliens were comming to earth. I really couldn't take that concept anymore, so I lied on my stomach to look through the holes. There were small pebbles under there, which in slow motion seemed to shrink to nothing, and expand until I thought they were going to touch me. After a couple hours outside we walked back into the bedroom.

I put on DJ_TwiGgA (a rave DJ) on the stereo and cranked that. We danced around, and it seemed like we were in a strobe light. We were in slow mo, and stopping, then moving...it was crazy!! Randi then wanted to call a friend of ours, but when she picked up the phone, there was no dialtone. Their prevoius nail polish artwork had wercked the phone. We all listened to silence, and laughed hystericlly. We pushed every butten about 20 times, and still no sound would come out. But we kept trying. After a half and hour of gut clenching laugher, I started drawing weird pics on her wall. Like smufs smoking bongs an shit like that.

We also wrote some stuff all over her walls, and took up all the wall space with our crazie babbling shit talk. Reading it a couple weeks ago, it's hard to beleive we were that gone. We lied on the floor with the phone in my hand, a smoke in Randi's hand, and a handful of perm markers in Sarah's hand. WE looked up at the ceiling, and it was rolling like massive waves in the ocean.

For the next 3 hours, we just laughed at pretty much nothing, and Randi and I enede up going to work the nest day on an hours sleep, and still pretty big pupils. We looked only a selcet few people in the eyes that day!

So overall, it was a massive and wonderful trip that I'll never forget. I mean, how can u forget feeling like your being sucked through the kitchen floor, and floating through the air with a miniature UFO?

Thanx Shroomy....
*** KeEp TrIpPiN aN nEvEr EvEr AbAnDoN tHe OrGaNiCs***

Luv always, Dakotah

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