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My very first trip

after waiting over half a year I was not disappointed

Name: Glen
Fellow Phyconauts: Leash, Cofo (Co), Jen
Age: 17
Amount of Mushrooms ingested: 2 grams each
Date: May 17, 2008

I’ve been wanting to take shrooms for over half a year. It was only until recently I finally had the opportunity to trip with my girlfriend, lets call her Leash. I had just recently gotten a hookup for shrooms and it was that same day we tripped. I picked up six grams for me, my girlfriend, and our friend, let’s call him Cofo.

So I hop a bus and we plan it out so leash gets on the bus I’m on and we can go to cofo’s together. We took the bus to the mall where co was working. He gets off and we get a ride to his house. We smoked a bowl and then we started to eat our mushrooms with the cool ranch dorito’s we bought just for that. We got nervous so we only took about 1.5 grams and saved the rest. That was at about 7 o’clock.

We left and walked to the bus stop at about 7:30 to go to Jen’s house.The road was starting too look sort of purple and I had forgotten to call my dad and ask if I could sleep over at co’s house and he said yes so we were all good!

The bus finally came and I was definitely starting to feel the shrooms. We rode the bus for about 20 minutes and the whole time there we’re just starting to giggle a little bit and enjoy the beginning of the trip. When we got off the bus we were greeted with a gigantic rainbow and spitting rain! The rainbow looked great but we still weren’t peaking on the shrooms yet.

We started walking through walkerville, one of the best parts of Windsor aesthetically and we were definitely tripping now. The clouds were all purple and pink and the grass was the greenest I’ve ever seen in my life. We also saw a car that looked like a cat! I remember stopping in the middle of the street just to admire the trees and the clouds and sun, Leash thought I was going to get hit by a car or something, it was funny.

As we were walking through Walkerville it seemed like it was becoming a jungle. It had never looked so green and lush before, and instead of noticing the trees in the way of the houses it occurred to us that this place would be so much more beautiful without all these friggin roads and concrete that have been put there.

About a block away from Jen’s Leash stopped and asked these random guys if the sky was really really blue to them (even though we were wondering if it was pink and purple to everyone else or just us) and they just looked at her like she was crazy. There was this 2 foot tall hill near Jen’s house and we rolled down it and just laid there watching the helicopters fall. Co called Jen to come down the street and meet us since he figured we’d never make it there.

Jen came running and said hi to us and we walked back to her house. We sat on her front porch and smoked a joint or two and we were starting to peak by now. We finished up the .5 we had left and strapped ourselves in.

We were very confused on her front porch because Co gave her his .5 of shrooms so she wouldn’t be very bored and we felt compelled to give her ours too. But it was only after verbalizing this that she said no it was fine and that we’re allowed to eat our own shrooms. We had many good theories outside. About how man has lived without technology our whole existence and we could just go into the jungle and survive like they used to.

After that we ventured inside to Jen’s room and it was the most insane room I’ve ever seen. It was a combination of the drugs and that this was not a normal room. there were two mattresses on the floor with blankets and pillows on them and a bead curtain. We just laid down and pretty much had a whole fucking body orgasm of comfort. Her ceiling was stucko’d and to me it looked like little tiny maggots squirming around (this wasn’t scary at all I wasn’t so gone that I actually thought they were maggots). We talked about how school was so stupid and school is just there so we can get better jobs so we can have more money. But if you’re happy with a certain amount then you don’t need to go to college you can just get a good job at a place you enjoy working at and survive.

We ventured into her huge closet that had a sweet black light in it and we just danced in there for a little while, it was funny. And then we just sat down in there and had a nice talk. When we came out of the closet we just sat on the mattresses again. Co threw a pillow at Jen and knocked water over and all I remember saying was “Is he allowed to do that? I don’t think he’s allowed to do that”. I also remember at some point during our trip I shut my eyes and had some crazy visuals. An image would be in my mind and it was turn into hundreds of tiny images that make that one up and they would all move.

In Jen’s room we also had a sort of epiphany. Our view on life was so different now we wondered how it was possible for people to live in the real world. Jen told us how you never go totally back to normal after shrooms and that you take those experiences with you. I was very happy to hear this. I liked knowing that eventually my mind would be back to normal though, it helped me be less anxious about the trip.

During our peak Leash’s mom called and told her she knew she was lying and wasn’t where she said she was because she just called her. It was a complete buzz kill and brought us all back to earth pretty quick.

After that we ventured back downstairs where some of Jen’s other friends came and joined us. We sat on the kitchen floor and me and Leash just held each other. The whole trip me and Elisha were very close and I loved every second of it.

Jen’s mom helped cover for Leash because she’s nice and isn’t a mean person like most parents are. I can’t wait to be able to raise a child and make their life amazing. We decided to leave but before we did we bought a joint. We smoked it on the walk home and talked the entire way. It was a hour and a half walk at midnight. Elisha was holding onto my arm tight because we weren’t in that good of a neighborhood, I enjoyed that alot! We saw a hippy Canadian maple leaf painted on a building and we also saw some clown predator giving candy to a child. Very creepy! When we finally got back we took out the lung and smoked two roaches in it and we were all very baked again. Co helped Leash and I make our bed and then we went to sleep.

My first trip went extremely well. Me and Leash had fought earlier that day but we got over it and it didn’t screw over our trip. My worst fear was having a bad trip but we ended up having a perfect time. Absolutely nothing went wrong, we all had a great time, and I tripped some major balls!

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