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Sally takes me to Jerusalem

what a whore...10X

One day I was getting very bored of being at the bassline. I thought of things to do, caffeine, nutmeg, tobacco but I was all out of hookah, but then I remembered Salvia Divinorum. I had tried Salvia once before, but it was like a lucid dream of day to day reality that lasted for 5 minutes, so basically in the sense that I had never tried it before. My friend showed up at sometime, and he had never tried it before, so we took a trip down to the local headshop to purchase some fine Club13 mango-flavored 10X extract. When we got home I made a gravity bong out of a milk jug and some of my dad's borrowed tools. So I proceeded to load up the bowl, start the fire, and let it burn until there was no more. I took it in and held it for about a minute until I could see some obvious change in perception. I ran over to the couch because I heard that it was a little difficult to stand while being slapped around by that dirty bitch. Anyways, by that time I could feel my face sliding off in opposite directions, mouth to the right, eyes to the left. I looked up at the ceiling fan and I could see these red transparent shapes moving up and down alternately from each other. I remember my friend told me I should close my eyes (before I did it) just to see if there were in fact closed eye visuals. So I closed my eyes. There was a burgundy tunnell shaped almost like an irregular snowflake, but still symmetrical, also a helicopter somewhere in that tunnel... and there I was, in Jerusalem. It was not obviously Jerusalem, I only saw a few adobe buildings, but in my mind I knew that was it, and a long time ago. I was talking to some Arabs (no idea what was said) and the last thing I remember were some trees to my left.

I opened my eyes, and there I was back again laying on the couch.

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