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Firsttt time madness!!

first timee with about 10 -14 good sized dried cubensis!!

alright well my friends where  all talking baout trying shrooms for a lil while at the time i tohught anything that was harder than weed  is bad lol   so after doing some research on  them i decided  i was  going to do them .. so i call  up  my mutual  friend  who sells them and  he said he'll get me them   well since it was my first time buying they were generous and  gave me 2 trips worth (around  20 dried cubensis)  for 30 $(im from the caribbean  so 30 $ here is around 40 U.S)   i got them on a sunday lol worst time to get themm  all week during shcool  i was impatiently waiting to do these things 

Finally friday comes   :) none of my friends were planning on doing them with me on friday cuase they had stuff to do  that nightt  so i decided i was goign to go to my friends place  and   tripp there  ....  i get  to my friends housee he's like  take  uhm now  i pull out the bag start munching down about 8 at first    ,  i was telling my friend about how bad they tasted (lets refer to my friend as W )    and W decided  he wanted to taste so he pulled out a smaller   extra one and tasted it , after tasting he decided to just join in on tripping with me he eats  about 8 same as me since he was eating more i decided to eat    about 2 more finger length dried ones  . Now the wait begins .. lol   we were sitting aorund doing nothingg   for a whilee we were all tihnking they werent gunna work  that we got ripped off  lolwell around 40 minutes passed    were both layingg down in his rooom  watching t.v    waiting for them to  kick  in  ,his room  was  a fair size rooom but     had alot of crap and  magazine  pictures posted up on the wall   big mirror   and 2 windows  and  a house full  of adults and little kids outside  this  is all taking place around 4 afterschool

 my legs start to feel really light  and i notice   all my leg hairs  growing  and walls breathing and    alot of wooden things were getting alot thicker   like the  door .. i felt  like  everythings was somethign to be discovered  and   i was opened to a world  of discovering new things .... we decide to turn on some music it was   awsomee  many  good vibes  were coming  from the musicc   it was just peacefull stuff like the beatles   sublime  enya      then  all of a sudden     some  metal/screamo band comes on at full force it sounded like a hurricane was happening in the rooom we freaked out W told me to  turn it off i run  up to the computer and as soon as i try to focus  in on the  playlist    every megapixel     came  flying at me  in forms of   little sharp  mirror like  objects     i immediatly dropped to the ground  in frightt  this was the first real hellucination   i had wasnt expecting it to be so reall    eventually W turns it off    im still in shock  so   i crawl up to a wall  and  sit downn on a pile of clothes leaning against  the wall   i started noticing a   very intresting pattern on his bedrooom floor titles  it look very like persian like to me     afterr  thinking  he got the tiles from persia  for a while i loook under  his bed and  i see 2 big glowing yellow eyes staring at me scarred me but didint move       the figure  loooke dlike a panther of some sort  in fear i jump  up on my  bed  relizing i was starting to peak   even threw all of this i was  amazed    of how  shrooms  were so powerfull   i felt like i never felt before like a feeling  the  rulers of the world have been trying to hide from us  for all of time scarred that we might  find a true peace in the world :p   well still laying on the bed W   is having a preety good time  hes having a mildy strong trip and hes enjoying it  i start to see little hollow like wire tubes running all around  his room   glowing a aqua blue colour and intertwinng with eachother       then W gets up and says he wants to go in his living rooom for a bit    scarred that his parents will notice im trippin balls  i decided to stay in his room (he was fine in the lving rooom  his parents were  a lil suspicious of how quiet he was and when any sound  would come out of his  mouth  it would be  laughter  at just about anything ) well while wil     is out his brother comes in and   brings me some cheetos and a word  puzzle  asking  if i knew how to do them  (brothers age= 10)      the word puzzle was  like a big bowl of alphabet soup   very confusing but his brother was always happy so  gave some good vibes and i was just having fun  his brother leaves and im laying in the bed every second seemed   to  be a minute    and every minute an hour  but it alll made sense to me  then i looked into his mirror and looked at the blinds   they looked veryt futuristic but when i looked at them  without the mirror they looked normal    i found the     preety cool  and  i said shit  then i kept repreating the word and soon i started saying "shwit" and everytime i said that   the whole rooom would turn into a big green elastic  bubble and   would  blow up everytime i said shwit i found that  really cool  about 20 minutes later wil comes in the room    and  to hi suprise   i have  all the cheetos all over the bed and   im sprawled aorund on his bed cheetos all over me and mys hirts off   preety wierd isnt it :P   i had no clue how   that happen   i dont remember putting any of them  on me lol  he brings this light up cup full of orange juice it tasted soo good       we turned off the lights  and  watch  all the rotaing colours in the light  up cup   i decided i wanted to be in the cup   totally forgettign  it was full of orange juice   and right there on his bed i flip the cup over my head   not reconizing  i just drenched myself in orange juice until W busted out laughing lol   for about 40 more minutes just   in deep thought  and    patterns  everywhere me and  W's friend comes   more of a mutual friend he was being  very negativee and meann  i was sititng looking at sometihng and all he would do  is laugh  then    he decides to wip  me with some objectt  it hurt  like a bitch well after a while we head out for the night were walking throught town still sun out  the sky was purple     everytihng aorund me was growing  plants   buildings  everything  it was  the best feeling i have ever experienced and not  considering the warnings to take more mushrooms near the end i  decide to take about 4 pinky sized  dried ones   hoping ot proloung the experience    toookt hem in the dead middle of town lol   thenn   everything is still the same i feel  a slight intense in visuals       and then   W  was goign to dinner with his Gf  and while we were waiting for her to come and our taxi   fo rme and my other friend C that  we met up with   i started get really agitated and sweating       i felt like i shouldnt be  on the road doig nothingg     thenn   all of a sudden  a  black flash   happens  all the skies turn from purple to red  i was scarred shitless  didnt know what to do didnt want to make a seen so i   walk to a bench close by and gather myself up    i bring myself to the point  of  being able to act normally but from then on   i felt really uncomfratable      i wnet by the local cinema   and watched a movie  with a big gorup  of friends   it was preety  fun watching the mvoie brought my spirits up    but   i started feelign guilty  cause my girlfriend at the time didnt like  me smoking weed muchless   doing shrooms   an dall he rlcose friends  were there and i hated feeling  like i had  to hide it  but  Overall it was amazing  and i defiently recommend   shrooms to everybody !!!!    i have had many good trips since and planning on having many moree =D 

peace x

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