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Magic Mushrooms Saved Me.

I love Magic Mushrooms

Ive been looking for magic mushrooms for quite a while, about a year. I purchased some but they were fake and did not effect me. Bummed out i finally found someone who said they could get me a 3.5 eighth of some cubensis that were the best ones you could get around here. I was skeptical, but boy these mushrooms were potent. I picced them up and he sold it to me for 25$. Very fair considering how potent these mushrooms are.  I was gonna wait for the weekend, i actually did them just last night, it was a monday night. I was like a little kid i couldnt control myself. I am going to try and explain this trip as much as i could remember. This trip was around a 4 at the peak and a nice 3 for the begining and ending. The dude who sold me them said if i ate the whole eighth id be trippin balls so i did.  


8:20: I decided i couldnt wait until the weekend. So i grabbed a glass of orange juice because people said it made you trip harder. I was expecting the mushrooms to taste very nasty well because i read they tasted nasty and they looked pretty nasty also. But suprising they werent that bad. Kinda good actually. The caps for me tasted a little weird, not bad or anything but the stems to me just tasted exactly like sunflower seeds. I chewed and downed them with orange juice, i drank a extra glass of orange juice also. I knew i was gonna be up till like 4 on a school night but it was definetly worth it.

8:40-8:50 ish: I felt extremely happy. I started laughing for no reason at all. Everything started to look like alienish and more vivid, i cant describe it really. Things in my house got much more interesting looking. My pupils were getting slightly bigger. I wasnt tripping yet i just felt extremely happy, and colors were starting to look much much brighter.  I was so pumped and happy that they were working. This site is awesome and prior before eating shrooms i knew everything about them because of this site. I knew i was at like a level 1, mild stoning and things becoming more vivid.

8:50- 9:20-9:50-ish: The Mushrooms really started to kicc in. Not tripping hella hard yet but the mushrooms were taking control of my mind. They kept getting stronger about every 10 mins. Stronger and stronger.  Around around 9:20 ish was my first trip. I was laying on my bed and i started to look at my door. And i was so happy. My door was alive. It was breathing like a humans chest. Going in and out, like the thing had lungs. Only about 50 mins after eating my mushrooms and im starting to trip. I could still grasp reality though. But things looked warped. Almost everything i looked at looked like it was alive. Moving melting kinda, spiraling.  But i hadnt lost reality quite yet. I was having a blast. Just looking at everything in my room. Colors just kept on getting brighter and brighter.  My brain then started thinking about very bizzare things. This is when i realized i was gonna have a very fun time. I was already smiling so much. Just looking at my room which when im sober is just a room. I started thinking about life.  And how in day to day we never realize how beatiful it is. How something as simple as light reflecting onto the carpet is just so amazing.  I was tripping now around 9:40. I could still grasp reality but it started slipping and slipping as the mushrooms got stronger.  My mind was thinking about like so much things, bizzare things. All at ounce. I was already having the best time of my life.

9:50- 10:30 ish. I decided to get out of my room that was alive and go on the computer. When i opened my breathing door, my house looked beyond bright. Glowing colors. Tracers like lines of light everywhere. It was amazing. I was beyond happy. It was like i was seeing the world anew. I went downstairs acting serious because my Mom was still awake watching t.v. My eyes were messed up. I had as some say "shotgun barrels" for eyes. Pretty much all blacc now. I got onto the compter. By this time i lost sense of what i was doing. A couple minutes seemed like months even years. I was about a level 3 trip about now. I was on Myspace and aim and was talking to my friends. I said alot of dumb things to alot of people i didnt know i wrote. I was talking to this girl on aim. This is were my trip turned semi scary. Not bad. Just kinda freaky. I was glad she was on though. Because i was tripping. My computer screen wouldnt stop warping. It was such a hard task just typing. I was also looking at amazing Alex Gray gallery's. He does Tool's CD art. A brilliant artist. His paintings looked so amazing. They were leaking out of my computer screen. They were moving, breathing, they were alive. But this is were my level 3 trip turned into a 4. My computer screen started to swirl nonstop. I couldnt read anything. I couldnt see anything on the screen but mashed liquid on the screen leaking and melting off my computer. The scary thing was i kept seeing a shadow man dancing beyond me touching my shoulder. and i was too scared to turn around. It was pretty freaking. I was out of reality at this moment. The mushrooms also kept getting stronger. Finally i turned around, i was mad at this shadow he kept annoying me. As i turned around real fast to see what was behind me the shadow man was gone. And i was amazed what i saw. This video game chair i have like one that goes on the ground and you can rocc bacc and fourth on it was glowing like so bright. The zebra stripes were vibrating out of the chair onto my wall snappig bacc and fourth swaying. I cried a little. But it was happy crying. It was so beatiful. I cant describe how that made me feel. Also this whole time i was tripping that shadows were on this world to scare me. As my trip went on i became best friends with shadows. I had my brother come into the computer room. I told him i was tripping hard. And he was just laughing and saying "is it a good trip?" and i kept saying yes. I was looking around the rooms just tripping out. His face was kinda warped also. But the funny thing was he looked like a orange. His skin was literally bright orage. Dark bright orange. His skin texture looked odd.

10:30-11:40 ish. At about 10:40 i decied i should get up stairs the mushrooms started getting stronger. I didnt wanna get caught by my Mom. So i walked upstairs but before that i grabbed a Mountain Dew so i could stay up late and just trip. I grabbed 2. Tripping balls walking up my stairs which seemed so hard and took for ever. I had a insane body high at this time also. I could feel my skin tingling with the mushrooms. I was laughing and thinking about so much stuff. My Mom went to bed at this time so i went into my brothers room. I talked to him literalled for like 40 mins. I loved life so much. And i was telling him how much i love him. I hella wanted to just chill with my brother for the rest of the night but he had to sleep and my Mom couldnt come up and see why i was talking to my brother at 11:00 at night in his room. Wouldve have gotten caught. I went into the bathroom before i returned to my room. I read alot by people that mirrors can be quite scary when your tripping. But for me i really liked it. It felt like i was looking into myself. I could see myself in the future. I could see other places. I felt like the whole time i was tripping i was looking for postives in everything. It was amazing. My face was melting and warping and moving but it didnt scare me. At all. I was reflecting on myself for quite a while. I tripped in the bathroom for a good 10-20 mins. Just looking at everything. Talking to things. Loving life.

11:40-12:40 ish. This time is pretty blurry to me. I still had the same feeling. Things breathing. Things connecting to me. Lights bright as hell. Traces of light. Moving patterns. I had some odd closed eye visuals also. I cant even desbribe it. No way i can. At times i couldnt tell if my eyes were closed our open. Then for some reason i felt that i needed to get out of my clothes. They felt negative. And too hiding of your true self. So i took literally all my cloths off. I wouldnt have done this in public. Well actually i dont really know i was tripping hard. I dont think i would want to trip in public though. I felt so connected to everything in light. I could feel every emotion in me. I was thinking about how pointless being negative and holding grudges are. I was thinking about life in general. And how everything is connected in some sort of way to each other. I also felt like i was finding myself. My true-self. I was butt naked in my room just tripping happy as can be. I started watching Gearge Lopez. It actually made me mad. Gearge kept pissing me off. In the show he was dirt poor as a kid but know he has a family and a beatiful wife and he treated her so bad. And it made me so mad. I was thinking about how i would treat her if she was mine. Then i started thinking about relationships. This time was kinda depressing. I was thinking about how relationships come and go. And how love is real you just have to have it.

1:00-2:40 ish. I suprisingly was not tired at all. I was happy. I quit watching t.v. after one last episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That show was actually pretty funny. Will seemed so stupid to me. And Carlton was so dumb. T.v seemed fake to me but it was funny about how ridicoulous it was. Around this time it was same feelings as above. I was still at a level 4 for a while. Reality was gone. I lied on my floor talking to cloths my carpet the t.v remote. I wanted to really go on the Roof of my house but i decided that was not a good idea at all. And really it wasnt at all lol. I wanted to go outside so bad. But i coudnt my Mom would hear me. Next time i trip out its definetly gonna be in the woods. I started listening to some Tool on my Zune. It was beyond amazing my walls formed holes and i fell into space. I was peaking. It was intense. I listened to alot of Tool songs over 10. The Grudge was amazing. The 30 second scream made me think i was letting out all of my anger and regrets in life. Shadows were my best friend, i was  forming shadows in my hands to the music. It was absolutely breath-taking.

3:00-3:40 ish. I realized that me falling into space was not the last of what these amazing mushrooms did. I looked outside from i think 2:50 to 3:40 just tripping watching the tree's melt and form into other stuff. I was crying. Then the most amazing thing happened. I placed my face onto the window. And my face was glued onto the window. Then what  i think was my skin was melting off my face like liquid and going upword on the top of the wondow. It was breath taking. This was the most extreme moment to me. It felt so real. I then found myself. I knew who i was. I was connected to everything in this world, to life, to people, to emotions, and senses.

4:00: At about 4:00 i went down from my level 4 trip to a 2 fairly quicc. I felt so happy. So relieved i found myself. Things were still warped. Slightly moving. My pupils started to turn bacc to normal. I got a slight head ache. Nothing bad though. I looked in the mirror for a good 10 mins and i was so happy and relived i found myself in this world. I listened to a couple more Tool songs onto my Zune ending my amazing night with Lateralus. I then fell into a deep sleep having crazy dreams.

That was my trip report, i am so amped for my next trip, it was amazing.   

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