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Another Day In Paradise

For anyone who wonders if it is a good idea to trip alone...

This is my 5th time doing mushrooms. I smoke weed often, I have done E, Codeine, Mushrooms, Acid, Salvia, Valium and Mescaline. Just a little trip report to show you that tripping at home alone can be an incredibly enjoyable time if you are in the right mindset.

4:50 – Ingested – small amount (entire small sham + a medium stem)
5:20 – Head feeling clouded. Warm feeling inside. Must be taking effect, just very slowly and minor. That or I am just playing mind games with myself at this point. Didn’t eat very much so not             expecting too much of a trip.
5:25 – Staring at ceiling. Pretty sure its kicking in as if I really focus on the stucco I can manipulate it. Simpsons just finishing up on TV.
5:40 – Almost been an hour now – should be feeling something pretty quick. Was messing with self in the mirror just now, looking at pupils, which seem to be somewhat dilated. Still             contract with light though. I find that my thoughts are wandering immensely. Not really finding having any closed-eye visuals though, which I assume would be a dead giveaway that             they are kicking in.
5:52 – Going to go outside and smoke half a bowl of kush in hopes of it kicking in. At this point I would say that I’m definitely aware that I have taken mush, feeling warm and nervous/anxious.
5:58 – Back from smoking the bowl. Feeling like I have the high of mushrooms, just not getting the strong visuals. Just started seeing some visuals as I type actually. My arms look strange.              And saw eyeballs as some of the letters. But nothing serious, which is good because the house is only empty until 9.
6:02 – Pattern visuals really begin. Nothing too intense. Like nothing is actually morphing, rather there is just like a pattern over top of it. Some color changes. Any visuals I do have seem to             be in my peripherals and are just minor. As I have been typing it has really kicked in, gonna sit back and let this consume me for a bit and watch some tube.
6:08 – Definitely have kicked in. A lot more than I expected visually to be honest. For example, as I’m staring at my computer, the floor behind it looks like it has a rainbow gradient patter on it.              I just recently had a very strange and intense body high that, this is going to sound stupid, felt as if my nose had left my face. I knew it was still there, but there was just sort of this             empty, hollow feeling around the area. Starting to feel really anxious (I keep mistaking objects out of the corner of my eye as being somebody else in the room. Also, as I’m typing I             have the feeling that somebody is standing over me.)
6:21 – Enjoying the trip. Noticing this is definitely a really different high than the last few times I have tripped. Mind you I just picked up a new batch last Friday, and this is my first time trying             them out. In my opinion, and judging by the minuscule amount that I ingested, I would say this is a very potent batch. Not sure of the species.
6:24 – Got a sudden urge to see what kind of closed eye visuals some Tool would produce. I’m finding that I have what seems to me as total 100% control over my thoughts, but almost like             something has been introduced into what I can only describe as my soul and is taking over. Not sure how else to describe it.
6:31 – For a quick second, it seemed as though everything in my line of sight had changed/lost color.
6:42 – Enjoying TV for now. These shams are the shit. I ate such a small amount and the trip produced has blown me away. Thinking its about time to plug in a movie and ride it out so that it             will be over and done with by 9. At this point I would say the trip has peaked, but is definitely still present. I could more than likely carry on a conversation and interact with anyone. I             intend to up my intake to about 5G’s, measured, (I have done up to 5 before) this upcoming May-Long weekend and just transcend with nature out at my lake. Would recommend            doing this amount if you are going to be in an atmosphere where you will be around a crowd. Would be a good amount to get drunk off of, if you were looking for a messed up time.
7:27 – I believe this concludes the extent of the extreme high. I feel normal, although I am still aware that I am high. It is actually a really strange feeling, and not one that I have experienced             on any drug before. I think it was how I was feeling like the entire time. Like, I knew I should be really high and everything around me was moving and stuff, but I was safe in my mind             and I could control it completely.

All in all it was an incredible trip. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wouldn't think twice about munching again sometime at home alone. I guess I will rate this as a Level 2 trip as it wasn't anything too intense, but I was definately aware that I had eaten mushrooms. Enjoy everyone!

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