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Died with an indian

Well, my friend Tyler's got some REALLY strong shit.

ok me and my friend tyler got our hands on some shrooms. He stole em from this one mexican guy(later my #1 goto guy), and we thought that it was just some weak crap. I ate about 12 caps, and tyler 4. Turns out that it was REALLY strong shit, and that I took WAY more than i should've. anyway, im layin on the couch, and about 20 min later, its comin on. We're at his house, and he has this 7 foot wooden indian in his living room(he actually does own one) and i start seein the indian smile. this is very funny, and i cant stop laughing. apparently, about 5 min later, i drop my glass on the carpet, and the indian looks sad. i ask him (the indian)whats the matter? he looks at the glass and starts cryin. thinking back on this this is really funny. but when it was happening, its really sad. then i freak out for some reason(i cant remember what got me mad) but i then stomp on the glass. it shatters, and, well, it like goes from glass on the floor, to a shiney dance floor from the glass shattering. i have some disturbed playin, and i start sein lights of different colors. im in the middle of the dance floor, about 2 inches above the floor, and im surrounded by indians. we're all kinda like dancin to the music. then one sneezes on me, and a ray of light shines down above me, because i died from him sneezing on me, and i start floating up. and when i reach the ceiling, i kinda sink(?) through the ceiling, and im back in my seat. I start becoming rational again, and i feel relaxed, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I light up a bowl with my new pipe(its i 3 chambered bong from blown colored glass or sumthin), and then i fell asleep. It was pretty great. Have fun, boomers!

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