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trip into the forest

It was about 1:00 or dinner time.

It was about 1:00 or dinner time. Me and my friend ,gary had ben planning to trip its about my 10th time drinking the tea. I went and got my friend ,came back home. We went outside and into the cow feild and picked about ten shrooms. We came back home and i boiled them into tea.We drank some with orange juce it worked good, we couldent tast it a bit.
I drank about twice as much as my friend, because it was my friends first time tripin. ive tripped of shrooms a lot before , this was about my tenth time.After that we sat down on the couch and smoked a fat tater.After that it was hitting my friend but not me.He said lets go out side then when i got up it hit me fast.My friend was trippin bad it was still hitting me.My friend laghed at everything i said, then i laghed at him becaus the way he was laghing.We finally calmed down,we were having fun just laghing.
We decited to go out in the feild , we found a camper trailer we looked inside of it.We sat down on the rocks i staired at the ground ant it would turn into little blobs sliding toward me.My friend was just laghing gowing nutts.I laghed at him he said ,(i cant think ,Whats wrong with me.He about went krazy.I had to calm him down by telling him to try to injoy it and keep it together.He said that he would half to go home in a little while.I told him ,ok.We headed back home, when we got home we went in my room and listened to some techno music.My friend said that he had to go, so i started the car and started to his house, it seemed a long time,The car started to feel like it was sliding off the road, i said (shit), Its taking a long time.I staired at the road and forgot which side of the roud i was on.We finally got to his house i droped him off,went back to my house and ate ,took a shower ,watched a movie then went to bed.I think the more you do shrooms the more amune you get.

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